Men just want sex and Women just want to get married



Dr. Dar

Here is my Sunday rant.

I repeatedly hear women say ‘Men just want and men say ‘Women don’t know what they want or just want to get married!’  Did you ever think that this is simply a Defense mechanism” href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_mechanism” rel=”wikipedia”>defense mechanism that just keeps men and women from hooking up.  When men tell women all they want is sex, it is very effective in keeping the women away.  Women get very jaded and honestly just give up, never to date again only to continue complaining about how men just want sex.  But men will keep moving on to the next woman and continue to be rejected until they find the bait that bites – they know how to shop!

I say, step up to the challenge men and women!

Women -I am not saying sleep with your date immediately.  I am saying that you have the control as to whether or not the man gets you in bed or not.  You are the Trade secret.  You get to say if it happens or not.  And in the meantime, date the man you feel could be a match for you. Stop being negative about dating and the dating game.

Dust your heels, and move on.  Dating is a game that when played consciously and with finesse, can be won! You have to know what your purpose and outcome is for dating and whether or not you are in the game or not. Games are meant to be fun and so is Dating.   You must know exactly what you are looking for, not be disgusted at single men and their Physical attractiveness and lustful demeanor, and be open to ‘shopping’ until you find a match that’s right for you.

Men, stop telling women that all you want is sex.  You know that is only partially true.  I know you are saying that to see who is up to the challenge, the game.  Men play the dating game really well and are naturally competitive.  Yes, I know that you are driven by what the Millionaire Matchmaker says “The Penis Does the Picking”…but you have more to you than just that.  Look for compatibility first instead of lust… (lust brings you exactly what you complain about – women not knowing what they want or other sordid complications. You  know as well as I do that plain sex complicates things where women are concerned – it is rare that women can just have sex and move on and you know it.

Remember, dating is like shopping for that perfect golf club or party dress – you have to keep trying them and practicing until you find ‘The One.’  So have fun instead of loathing the dating game.”

Want to learn how to date, what your purpose for dating is… and succeed in your objective? Contact me and let’s have a happy chat.

You can nurture your nature when dating and find the love of you life.  What’s your mindset about dating and love?

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