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Being and Feeling Validated

Being and Feeling Validated

I feel that humans spend a large part of their lives seeking validation or approval.

I believe that being heard and understood is my path to being and feeling validated… 

Not having everyone agree with me on everything or really anything…

But just to be heard and understood is fulfilling, connecting, and loving.

It started at home with a desire to please my parents for me… and then showed up in school… the workplace… and in my relationships… until I found the skill of giving the gift of being heard and understood to my loved ones.  Then my life and relationships shifted, my business and life started thriving.

And… when I feel blocked or am not experiencing thriving in any area of my life… I look at where I am not being heard or understood OR who or where am I not hearing or understanding.  It’s powerful.

I love this video about validation… and share it often with my clients… and now share it with you.