Welcome Home Dear One
to The Relationship Superpower Tracker

You’re here because you’ve tried many other planners, trackers, and day timers. You keep trying new ones during the year, only to find you don’t end up using any of them regularly. 

As you reflect on your year, you are dismayed to find you did not manifest or receive what you said you wanted.  Another year goes by and you’re still in the same place in many ways. So, you try yet another planner.  But still, deep down, something is missing but you just don’t know what. 

You know you want to feel good about yourself, your life, accomplishments, goals, work, and relationships.  

Which is why you are here, now!

It’s Divine Timing and Connection!

You’re in the right place.  

 6 minutes in the morning and 6 minutes in the evening

Your Mini-Date With Your Relationship Superpower Tracker

To feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships every day and night.

The Relationship Superpower Tracker is a simple and magical planner and tracker that harnesses the electromagnetic energy in your body to manifest and receive what you desire for yourself, your life, and your relationships. It is an energy management system that integrates your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental energy. In short, it is a way to help you feel good all year long.  

The Relationship Superpower Tracker is for seekers, introverts, ambiverts, hippies, in-betweeners (you fall in the middle of most things or don’t at all), moon-lovers, the astro-curious, salt lamp users, energy lovers, Emotional Generators, and the emotionally aware

The Relationship Superpower Tracker is a whole life tool for the whole person that honors you and your energy.

 It’s Important to Understand Energy

Because People Are Beings Who Emit and Take In Energy

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed
Energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.  For example, when we get triggered, we feel a churn in our body and mind.  That churn is energy and it has to transfer or change form.  The 5 relationship superpowers help organize, direct, plan, and even leverage energy in a simple model using the five relationship superpower energies of power, love/belonging, fun, freedom, and survive/thrive.

Use this as a tracker to understand your natural patterns and as a planner to know the best days for you to plan actions and intentions so they serve your highest good once you know and understand your natural energy pattern.

  • You will maintain higher ground energy when using this tracker daily. 
  • You will maintain your focus on specific things you want to achieve and receive. 
  • You will choose three inspired actions each day that forward your focused intention and align your manifesting vibration with fulfilling thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Voila, you will wake up soon to find your dreams conceived, achieved, and received.  


Feel Good About Yourself

By checking in twice a day with purposeful focus in this tracker, you will connect with heart and soul level fulfillment instead of what you did or did not get done in a day.

Learn how to choose inspired actions, focus on your intentions without distraction, activate manifesting, and receiving your chosen desired results through mind, heart, body, and soul alignment.

This tracker is designed to help you thrive in your day and interactions instead of surviving and then crashing at the end of the day.


The Power of Whole Body Tracking and Planning

All the other planners and trackers focus on logic, reasoning, tasks, and objectives. We have been taught to plan with our analytical and logical mind.  But being aligned, feeling good, and connecting with our highest good, lives in the wisdom of your body. Where you place your focused energy, what you choose for actions, and how you feel are all connected to manifesting and receiving. It is time to work with The Relationship Superpower Tracker so you stop ignoring this incredible energy system called your body! 

When you start tracking, you soon will see your own natural patterns emerge.  You can then own them, leverage them, and embrace your genius.  No more self-doubt, criticism, judgment, feeling defeated, beating yourself up, being upset about mistakes or failures, or even hitting rock bottom. Because you will know the energetic influences that support you once you start tracking for a couple of months and in the third month, you’ll be able to plan according to your Divinely Given natural cycles. 

Before you know it, you’ll be vibrating with joy, ease, and flow while seeing all that you have wanted show up in your life.

 Partner With Mother Moon

The moon represents your inner well-being and there are phases to the movement and experience of your inner mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  By using the Relationship Superpower Tracker, you can track your energy, environments, and your interactions with the moods of others through your journey with the five relationship superpowers and the four main phases of the moon:  Full, Waning, Waxing, and New Moon.  

 The Relationship Superpower Approach

Alignment with your primary superpower (which you will know by taking the included quiz) as you work with your tracker is the key to feeling good about yourself, your life, and your relationships. Learn how these five Relationship Superpowers create joy, understanding, connection, and love OR conflict, tension, and discord in your day, life, and relationships.  By tracking and using the superpowers, you will be guided each day to make highest good choices for yourself and others. 






Due to the nature of the downloadable files and the printed version of the tracker that is ordered on demand, there are no refunds for these products and any associated services.  I want you to receive the most out of the tracker.  Please contact me with any questions and let’s get this tracker working for you.

The Relationship Superpower Tracker – Feeling Good With The Moon, Mood, and Manifesting