My Relationship is None of Your Business



Dr. Dar

I don’t know who needs to hear this… but…
Your relationship is your business.
I was told by new and old clients that:
My parents
My friend
My neighbor
My in-laws
Even my daughter…

Have all told me to leave him.
They said what he did and how he treated me is unforgivable.

– Am I crazy to want to stay and fix things?
– Would anyone else just leave?
– Am I a fool to think he won’t do it again?
– Can we fix this?

No, you are not crazy. No one knows what they will do in the same situation unless they have gone through it. No one will do things the same way you do or make the same choices.

Everyone else does not just leave. There are many who stay, work it out, and design a new relationship together that is stronger, happier, and better than before. The ones who succeed work with someone who will help them fix it, save it, make it better than before.

No. You. Are. Not. A Fool.

Your Relationship Is Your Business - Dr. Dar Hawks

Yes. You. Can. Fix. It!

With the right nurturing, caring, professional support and help.

You are not your friends, parents, neighbor, in-laws, or daughter.

They can tell you all day what you should do. But gushing to them, just leaves you in a swirl of emotion and thoughts.

You are not the same as other people. Neither is your relationship.

Plus they don’t know the details of your relationship… I mean all the deep, raw, truthful details of you and him… and what’s wrong, do they? really?

There’s a lot of deep, personal sh&@ to unpack, sort through, and resolve.

If this is you.
I’d love to see if I can help as a neutral third party who does not take sides, listens to you, encourages you and helps you sort through the pains to help you decide what you want and need from him, and what’s next for you in a way that keeps you intact & whole.

Contact me for support.

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