The Nurture Your Nature Archetypes Quiz

Honoring the Archetype on the Journey Called Your Life

Please read these directions carefully before starting the nurture your nature archetypes quiz

  1. Take off your shoes and anything else that feels binding (bras or briefs included!).
  2. Get your cup of tea or water.  Have a sip or three.
  3. Close your eyes for a moment.  Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly.  Feel your shoulders lower and relax.  Focus on your chest area of your body. Take 2 more deep breaths into that area of your body.  Exhale all tension and release anything that is not serving your hightest good in this moment.
  4. Wiggle your bare feet and toes on the ground under you. Firmly and comfortably plant your rear end on your seat.  nurture your nature quiz
  5. Focus your energy and intention on the center of your chest area of your body.
  6. Select the response that you resonate with the most:  Most of the time, Often, Sometimes, Occasionally, Hardly ever, or Never.  Trust your higher self response before your mind gets involved and you second guess yourself.
  7. Begin the quiz.

Once you click submit, you will receive:

  • An email with your nurture your nature quiz entries and the primary and secondary archetype you are presently relating with on your life journey.  Receive this within an hour or less.
  • Information by email about each of the twelve archetypes.
  • Other feel good encouragement and offers for remarkable relationships and communication.
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