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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with
some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
~ Maya Angelou

Life isn’t easy…we all know that.


Do you ever feel that kind of lost in your life, not sure what to do about the chaos around you, feeling burned out and stuck in an anxious, not knowing what to do next – like a deer in the headlights? 

Like you’re not able to support the people around you, feeling like you’re not making a difference, and not being able to protect your loved ones, much less yourself.  You feel like you’re not moving forward in your life and relationships the way you want? People pleasers want to feel good

And probably tired of procrastinating in your life and calling in relationships or jobs that pull you down rather than lift you up? People pleasers want to feel good

Or sometimes so caught up in your past that you forget to live in the moment.

Yes, so much goes on in life and you really want to slow down, regroup and find your focus.

When you do this, it’s far easier to make yourself “significant” to the people around you while making a huge difference for them, and feel more fulfilled in your life. People pleasers want to feel good

Learn how to refocus in a healthy way, share your challenges and victories, flourish and steer your life ship

People are much better served when they realize their thoughts, 
not their circumstances, create their emotions.

What would it feel like if you:

  • Broke the cycle of diving into bad habits of fear, being overwhelmed, and jumping between living in the past and the unnamed future?
  • Think more realistically…and talk back to your negative thoughts…to live a much happier life.

When you look around and peel beneath the layers, you will slowly but surely start to see how your thoughts and actions will help you move forward to feel good in your life.

You’ll feel part of you that is shifting…change is underway.

Harmony - Dr. Dar - Feel Good Superpower

Feel Big From the Inside

When you know your feel-good relationship superpower,
it’ll help you see your strengths clearly and
recognize when weaknesses (your Kryptonite) are trying to grip you.
Feel Good Superpower-Super Heroine-Right Facing-Dr.darhawks

You will:

  • Accept who you were and adjust your life around that.
  • Know how to be of service and value to others… who appreciate all that you do for them.
  • Turn moments of chaos, stress, or a trigger into a moment of peace.
  • And make your life happen for you rather than to you!

When you look at this world around you, there are animals, trees, sky, other people, and then of course, there’s you. People pleasers want to feel good

But do you know what sets you apart
from all them?


The Superpowers help me check in with my intuition. Sometimes I would get a very strong feeling to avoid something, but it was hard to know if it was fear-based or intuition-based. 


The Superpowers help me check in to find the answer: Is my response determined by a Superpower or Kryptonite?  I also understand people better in my personal and professional interactions.  


If I know which superpower influences them in a situation, I can address or alleviate any concerns. The result is that I can more easily and joyfully find agreement in any situation. 


~ Sarah Murphy

Your Feel Good Relationship Superpower is
Your Own Magic Formula! 

It’s your energy that motivates and inspires the people around you… It’s your ability to make decisions and perform actions based on knowing what makes you feel good.  It’s your energy that contributes to your feeling good about yourself and the ways you can support the people in your life, work, and relationships.

It’s like starting with a blank canvas and knowing there are so many possibilities that are coming your way. People 

Working with your Relationship Superpower means you’ll generate good feelings all around you and the more your subconscious mind takes notice, the more your subconscious makes YOU act in your and their best interest. When you’re in flow with your Feel-Good Relationship Superpower you know how to manage your energy so that you have more energy to give and be your best… plus feel great about yourself, your life, and your relationships. People pleasers want to feel good

Your Feel Good Relationship Superpower:


  • Keeps you from feeling hopeless, a slave to what people think, so you move in flow
  • Is a feel-good boost when you are an emotional mess – you are your own pick-me-up
  • Helps you achieve a greater understanding of your self-awareness, self-worth, and empath-ability
  • Is your path to open up to manifesting and receiving what you want in your life
  • Is a framework for attaining better communication, listening and connecting in any relationship or situation
  • Helps you feel good every glorious day! 

Go ahead…

Take the quiz and embrace your feel good relationship superpower

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Most People Pleasers Want To Feel Good About Themselves, Their Lives, Work, And Relationships