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2021-Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker-Dr. Dar Hawks
Relationship Readiness Course

Feel Goodies for You

Keep Your Feel Good Vibe
Alive Every Day...

With these supportive, feel-good energy-infused, tools for feeling good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships.

The Feel Good Superpowers are a simple formula for loving your life and yourself, so unabashedly that it is joyfully contagious. Your feel-good vibe will resonate in your world and extend outward.

Let's create a global feel-good world, together.


Work With Me One-on-One

Hourly  Packages

How this works:

For times when you just want some 1 on 1 time with me, you can purchase an hourly package of six or twelve sessions at my hourly rate of $318. Once you purchase a package, I’ll contact you to get your sessions scheduled.  Click the button to pay for your sessions. (Note: a 5% credit card processing fee is included).

At the start of each call, you identify an outcome you desire and how you want to feel as a result of our call. We’ll chat about what’s on your heart and mind, and then we’ll circle back to confirm your desired outcome and feeling. Be ready to feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships!

Office Hour Sessions

How this works:

I wanted to find a way to make myself available to those who simply cannot swing a 1:1 package in their budget. I’ve opened up Office Hours twice a month on the 12th and 24th from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Eastern for $99 for each time you join me during my office hours.  You could be the only person there, or others may join in too.  Either way, everyone benefits.

You’ll receive the call in details upon submitting your payment. Click the button to pay for your session. (Note: a 5% credit card processing fee is included).



Porch & Walk Sessions

How this works:

I have found that I love being of benefit to you while sitting on my porch or walking my dogs.  For those times that you just want a check in, check up, or feel good booster call with me, this is for you. Just know you’ll hear birds chirping when I am on my porch, or hear me speak with my dogs briefly while I am walking or catch my breath while walking and talking.

This is another way for us to have special time together.  These sessions are on first come, first served basis for $150. Click the button to pay for your session. (Note: a 5% credit card processing fee is included).

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