Energy Alignment Planning Quarterly

Design Your Future From the Present

A never done before quarterly energy alignment planning workshop to choose your inspired actions that will catapult you towards achieving your desired outcomes for the year. 

Align with the benevolence of the Universe and activate receiving, achieving, and having energies as though you have already met your goal + activate money attraction energies.

Aligned Dream Client - Dr. Dar Hawks
Quarterly Energy Alignment Planning Workshop - Dr. Dar Hawks
Energy Alignment - Words Have Power - Dr. Dar Hawks

The thought of planning a year in advance can keep brilliant business owners who are masters at their craft, like you, sitting in front of their computers with no action on their keyboard or screen.  

I totally get it.

The traditional model of planning with the dreaded analytical spreadsheets, marketing, and editorial worksheets, coming up with content ideas, and the business and marketing plan templates just don’t feel good… so you don’t do it… and when you try to do it, you feel icky about it.  Something just does not feel right… it does not feel good, does not honor your energy, and certainly does not align with the energy of your dream client

And… don’t get me started on key performance indicators… let me just say that in Corporate, the performance reviews made me feel like a circus animal, caged and whipped if even one misstep occurred.

Do a google search on business planning and you will find millions of entries on traditional models of business planning.  Here’s a description of what a business plan is from one of my favorite investing education sites:

  • A business plan is a written document describing a company’s core business activities, objectives, and how it plans to achieve its goals.
  • Good business plans should include an executive summary, products and services, marketing strategy and analysis, financial planning, and a budget.

And then there’s the contemplation about creating that webinar, blog post, podcast, social media post, or even just coming up with an eye-catching title is anxiety-producing well before you even sit down and place your beautiful hands on your keyboard.  

Don’t get me wrong, having an active actionable plan for your business helps keep you focused and intentional… instead of chasing rabbits down rabbit holes hoping that attracts and manifests success… and you maintain your alignment with your desired outcomes.  

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to go to an investment group to pitch our business plan to receive venture capital… yet. 

Nor are you on your way to impress the most distinguished marketing and advertising firm. 

You created your business to help others feel better and improve their lives… for you to have meaning and make a difference.

So, instead… of a business plan…

Let’s get started with a fun, light-hearted, and visual approach to planning your year for your personal and professional goals… an energy aligned planning approach.

In a way that attracts your dream clients like my husband swarms to my delish blueberry cheesecake and consumes it, one bite at a time, with a smile, gratitude, and joy to go to the store to buy more ingredient.

This is how your planning ought to work… simply, joyfully, visually… with a dream client embodied approach designed to attract your dream client as soon as you click that publish button.


Welcome to The Energy Aligned Planning Workshop

2021 Workshop Information

10:00 am to Noon Eastern
 $99 per session with flexible payment options
Zoom info, supply list and worksheets will be emailed to you
before the event 

Dates to Reserve On Your Calendar

Session 1 – January 6
Session 2 – April 6
Session 3 – July 7
Session 4 – October 6
Celebration – December 28

The Countdown Begins!








Here’s what we’ll be doing together in this workshop:

  1. First and foremost, joyful alignment in your body, mind, and soul beginning with a sacred space centering meditation. (It will be helpful if you purchase the Feel Good Energy Tracker for these planning workshops).
  2. Clarify your Life Style Objectives.
  3. Identify your top 3 objectives you want to see happen by the end of 2021.
  4. Align your word and feeling of the year with your desired outcome a.k.a. goals.
  5. Walk through the 12 Life Departments so you align your inspired actions with each of the departments
  6. Star Map Possible Inspired Actions that are aligned with bringing you to a state of having your desired outcome… receiving and achieving it.
  7. Choose Your Feel Good Aligned Inspired Actions for the first 3 months.
  8. Write your inspired actions into the provided Feel Good Energy Worksheets. Map out smaller actions you can take each day to forward the state of having your desired outcome
  9.  Sacred Invitation
  10.  Completion
Quarterly Energy Alignment Planning Workshop - Dr. Dar Hawks

You will:

  • Stop guessing about what to do each day, week or month. 
  • Know what to do each day and you will also know how to pivot if your energy is not aligned with that inspired action on the scheduled day. 
  • Leave with a feel good inspired practical action plan that you can and will implement with joy and ease.
  • Receive guidance and coaching to create alignment.

I get it if you are unsure if this is for you… or if you have questions.  I invite you to schedule a real voice-to-voice call with me to get your questions, doubts, and uncertainty handled… and you can choose the next step that is ideal for you.

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Submit the form and payment below and you’ll be registered for the event(s)!  I cannot wait to see you there to plan our year together, have fun, connect, align and activate receiving money.

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