I have found that as I grow and mature, so do my friendships.  That means that friends come into my life and move on so that others can find their way into my life.  Instead of leaving this to ‘chance’, I decided to create intention around my friendship environment.  I sat down and wrote out with much contemplation my response to the following questions:

  1. What does friendship mean to me now?
  2. What do I NO longer want to attract in my friendships?
  3. What do I want to attract in my friendships now?
  4. What have I not liked or has not been healthy for me in current or prior friendships?
  5. What have I liked or was healthy for me in current or prior friendships?
  6. What do I want in my Friendships now?
  7. What am I willing to be and to give as a friend?

The resulting clarity I received by taking a few moments out of my busy life to answer these important questions naturally led to me attracting more of what I want, what is healthy for me, and what has me thrive instead of that which sucked me dry (blunt but true).  It is okay for you to do the same.  You are here to be in joy and to love your life.  Join me in designing your environments for your JOY!

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