Am I Ready for a Relationship or not ?

Custom Snapshot Appraisal

The Am I Ready for a Relationship,
or not Appraisal

You’ve take the Am I Ready for a Relationship quiz, gotten your quiz and responses in your email inbox… and now you’re wondering what it all means.

Relationships are a personal experience.  Sure, there are things that are common to the experiences of other people; however, your experience is unique to you because the people involved are unique.

If you have not taken the Am I Ready for a Relationship quiz yet, I invite you to do that now… then come back here to sign up for your appraisal.

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What is the Am I Ready for a Relationship Appraisal?

Don’t you wish you could have a professionally trained relationship expert to help you understand whether or not you’re ready for a relationship and what to do about it?

Am I Ready for a Relationship Appraisals are a customized Done For You 4 (plus) page audit of each of the 15 Relationship Criterion from the Am I Ready for a Relationship Quiz based on your relationship history and current relationship mindset.

These snapshots pinpoint where you can focus on opportunities for healing, growth, and love,  increase your chances of finding a really good relationship, and be repaired for the time that you are ready to put yourself out there as single, happy, and ready!

Inside each 4+ page custom done-for-you appraisal, I will provide concrete examples and recommendations for improving your relationship skills so that you can increase your chances of having a loving, respectful, and good… really good relationship in the future.

You will receive:

✔️ A check-up for each of the sections of your am I ready for a relationship quiz
✔️ Prioritized Action Plan
✔️ Resources to take action
✔️ An analysis of the 15 dimensions of relationships based on your life
✔️ How to leverage your relationship personality and relationship ‘radar’ to practice
honoring yourself in all your relationships
✔️ Relationship mindset recommendations to up-level your thoughts, feelings, and healing
✔️ Recommendations on what to do to heal any remaining past pains you are still carrying
with you.

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5 Reasons Why You Will Want Your
Am I Ready for a Relationship or Not Appraisal

  1. You took the quiz, got your scores, and want to know more about being ready for a relationship.
  2. You’re not ready to invest in coaching, taking another course, or reading another book.
  3. You want to know whether or not you’re ready for a relationship based on your quiz scores.
  4. You don’t want generic advice anymore… that has not helped you be ready for a relationship
     much less have a great one.
  5. You’re willing to make a minimal investment to get customized insight into what your scores
     mean based on your unique relationship history.

When love stares you in the face, make sure you are not blinded by fear and pain from the past. Get the healing you need so that you will be able to embrace what you deserve.

~ Stephan Labossiere

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No Risk Guarantee

After spending the last year evaluating 275 quiz responses, I am thoroughly convinced that if you take the advice and implement what you receive in your custom appraisal, you will:

  • have more faith in yourself
  • be clear about your readiness for not just any relationship, but the one that is honoring of you
  • learn some different ways to think about about relationships than ‘the norm’ or from your past based experience
  • know how to protect your heart, wallet, and boundaries
  • be calm, optimistic, and let go of fear.

If you take action and don’t feel calmer, more confident, restore hope, and believe in yourself, I am willing to refund you the full price of the snapshot with no questions asked.

After 30 days of receiving your appraisal and taking specific actions but not feeling or learning something different about yourself in relationships, I will refund your $49 because I know these appraisals work. I know JUST how powerful they are and I know you will get results in all of your relationships if you take action and implement the recommended suggestions in your life, work, and relationships.

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