12 Reasons the World Needs Givers, Lovers, and People Pleasers



Dr. Dar

Dear Giver, Lover, and People Pleaser,
I am sorry you have:

  • Been taken advantage of or exploited
  • Self-sacrifice-d to the point of break down… because there was no reciprocity
  • Attempted to create harmony and were met with resistance
  • Been bullied
  • Forced to conform
  • Been made to be wrong for being a giver, lover, and people pleaser
  • Been discriminated against
  • Been made to feel guilty
  • Been shamed
  • Been the  takers, users, manipulators, greed mongers, and bullies
  • Been hurt so deeply you cannot get off the floor
  • Been left alone
  • Had the wrong-doers get the acknowledgment and followers
  • Been betrayed

And so much more!

Givers, Lovers, and People Pleasers are needed now more than ever.
We have an imbalance of power and greed at the forefront… and we feel it, hurt because of it, and are still hiding.
There is a need for us to stand up, speak up, be who we are, and be the contribution we feel deep in our souls… so that our world can be one that is Giving, Loving, and Pleasing!

Rise of the Givers, Lovers, and People Pleasers

Pure Heart Water-Givers Lovers People Pleasers

Hello, I am Dr. Dar and I AM a Giver, Lover, and People Pleaser!

It is time for us to shine.  I believe we need to gather, stand up, be seen, and be heard.

It is time for us to be who we are and not allow anyone to say there is something wrong with us… because there is not.

It is time for us to acknowledge that we give and love deeply… and that is glorious

It is time for us to inform people we choose to give and love to about our requirements, needs and wants…

It is time for us to create, honor and respect our boundaries so that our hearts can flourish and thrive.

It is time to own our gifts as Givers, Lovers, and People Pleasers… they are Gifts, and not weaknesses.

I believe it is time for us to stand up, be who we are as givers, lovers, and people pleasers.  We can create transformation in our lives and relationships.  It is time for us to stop hiding and start speaking up… regardless of the not-us types do or say.
Join me, in the Rise of the Givers, Lovers, and People Pleasers.

12 Reasons Our World Needs Givers, Lovers, and People Pleasers

  1. We are Conscious
  2. We are Introspective
  3. We are Sensitive
  4. We Care About People
  5. We Care About Our Impact
  6. We Apologize
  7. We are Peacemakers
  8. We are Accountable
  9. We are Reliable
  10. We are Honest
  11. We are Trustworthy
  12. We have High Integrity

Let’s Build Our Community of Champions for Givers, Lovers, and People Pleasers.
Join me in our Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/iLoveGLPPs/

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