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I am Dr. Dar, host of The RelationShifts Show, Relationship Wizard, and Creator of the Love-Able Quiz.  Please join me in welcoming Alex Iglecia to The RelationShifts Show.

Alex Iglecia 200x200Alex is a former NASA Engineer and Ninja-Yogi turned Body-Mind Facilitator with a Masters in Conscious Evolution, Alex has two black belts, and helps people Wake Up Epic with their Global Contribution. He offers tools for leaders and their tribes and teams to have more energy, trust their message, establish their life’s work and move forward together with clarity. Alex has facilitated audiences large and small, corporate groups and non-profits, spoken to inspire, motivate and teach, and has shared the stage with visionary leaders including Brendon Buchard, Marcia Wieder, Amy Ahlers, Tim Kelley and SARK.

Ultimately, all of Alex’s work is about reminding you about the power and value of your gifts so you remember and realize that you are truly not lost and you need no one to save you, then evolution becomes your epic playground.

Alex has created what he calls a Luxury Nomad lifestyle.  Watch the video or listen to the podcast to hear more about it.

In today’s show we talk about:  Being EPIC

1) Your story is your strength.
2) Your message is your medicine.
3) You and Your Spouse.

Your Offer: Alex is offering you a consultation for his current program, Lose the Wait, or for his signature program, The Global Contribution Map.

My Truth:  Being EPIC is a new concept to me.  It was fun exploring how to bring EPIC to life through my own story and message after having this time with Alex.  We also explore ways to create an Epic life with your spouse through Alex’s personal story about how he met his wife and their wedding ceremony. He works with Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Couples… anyone who wants to be EPIC and live an EPIC life.

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RelationShifts Show – Episode 3 – Dr. Dar with Alex Iglecia from Dr. Dar Hawks on Vimeo.

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