Welcome to Episode #4 of The RelationShifts Show,
Where Life and Love Intersect.

I am Dr. Dar, host of The RelationShifts Show, Relationship Wizard, and Creator of the Love-Ability Quiz.

Please join me in welcoming Starr Piercy on The RelationShifts Show. StarrPiercyHeadshot

Starr is an Intuition Connector who has mastered the art of designing her own life. She now inspires and illuminates your spiritual path so that you too can create and design the life you dream about.  Her program, the Intuitive Design System, is all about you and what you desire for your life, the design you already possess.

She loves speaking about “Who I am today is not quite the same as who I was yesterday but an echo of who I will be tomorrow.”

In today’s show we talk about:  

  1. What is an intuition connector
  2. Unleashing your intuition
  3. Mastering the Law of Attraction
  4. Building your Spiritual Muscle

Starr has this offer for you:  Connect with your Intuitive Design
You receive a 90 minute dedicated time with Starr for $147.  Click here to get Intuitive with Starr Piercy.

This offer is for:  Givers, lovers, and recovering people pleasers who are stuck and stagnating, you’re not pulling in the results you want.  You’re having a hard time connecting with your inner wisdom and are tired of making the choices that hurt or create struggle in your life… now you want something different, you want change now. 

My Truth:  Starr and I had fun talking about intuition.  My role as host is to ask questions and draw out the passion in my guest’s heart and soul.  I feel that Starr showed up in her power for you.  I can firmly say that Starr is gifted when it comes to hearing the whispers you may miss from your heart and soul.  I am honored to call her my sister, friend, advisor, and peer.  As for my truth:  I highly recommend Starr.  She is all about service, believes in you, is authentic and true, and walks her talk. Starr has helped me over many years discern the messages in my head vs those that are channelled or from my intuition and angels.

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