Welcome to Episode #5 of The RelationShifts Show, Where Life and Love Intersect.

I am Dr. Dar, host of The RelationShifts Show, Creator of the Nurture Your Nature™ Quiz and Chief Magic Maker in Life, Love, and Relationships.

Joanne-Jaworski EFTPlease join me in welcoming Joanne Jaworski on The RelationShifts Show.

Joanne Jaworski is a True Authentic Power Success Coach.  After spending 15 successful years in sales and working with large national accounts she studied multiple energy methods and techniques.  She became very proficient in using EFT tapping to release both energetic and subconscious blocks.  She is able to combine both business and energy skills to release what is blocking success, and also program IN desires.  Her specialty is guiding energy savvy entrepreneurs and professionals to release their “hidden” blocks that prevent their greatest manifestations.

She works with the subconscious mind and the body energy to unlock and release what is in the way.  Then she helps guide a client to reprogram and add INTO their mind and energy what they desire instead going forward.

In today’s show we talk about: 

If your heart is hurting, broken, or longing, it affects EVERY area of your life!

Joanne has this offer for you:  Design Your Now

Your Offer:  You receive a free Design Your Now EFT Instructional DownloadClick here to download your free offer.

This offer is for:  Energy savvy entrepreneurs and professionals

My Truth:  We did an EFT session on the show.  Learning the tapping motions and experiencing emotional release and tension was a gift.  I slept well that night and the tension I usually have in my shoulders and neck were gone.  I also have worked with Joanne on some other more personal health, family based programming, and more.  She truly is a master at her craft and trusts the EFT process… It is MAGIC!

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