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I’m super happy that you would like to be my guest on The RelationShifts Show.

Fill out this form and we’ll schedule a time to connect by Zoom or Phone to learn about each other, your contribution to shifting how we Think, Love, and Live…and then get a date booked to have you as a guest on The RelationShifts Show!

P.S.  there’s more info. on our show below the form.  You may want to mozy down the page and check it out.


Be a Guest on The RelationShifts Show

  • Tell us a bit about you so we can share this on our show during the intro. Make this fun and memorable :-).
  • What do you want our audience to know about you? What would you like Dr. Dar to say as an introduction of you? Make this fun and memorable.
  • Please be specific, include email list, social media - and quantity of people in your network.
  • Please include your headshot - filesize of 128M
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.

Here’s our Mantra for Our Shows

  • Relax
  • Have Fun
  • Laugh
  • Go With the Flow
  • Ensure we bring fabulous value to our listeners/viewers
  • Focus on the topic and talking points for the show episode
  • Stick with your previously agreed upon topic that ties to the episode show theme

Our Show Format

  • 45 Minutes tops!
  • Introduction of the Show Episode Topic
  • Introduction of You (from your supplied bio)
  • Launch into Mutual Dialogue about the Episode Topic
  • Close the show with link information, any special offers, and thank you… our special Guest.

Regarding Self-Promotion

Hey, we’re doing this for fun plus collaboration and contribution to shifting how we think, love, and live!

And…we both also have a business to operate.

We are here to offer value to our viewers/listeners.  Promotion of 1 product or service is encouraged and must be related to our previously agreed upon topic.  I prefer to include promotion of your product in your bio and again at the end of the show.  I do ask that you promote our show and my offer to your networks as mutual reciprocity.

Revenue sharing is an option I am elated to explore with you for cross-promotion of products/services.  Let’s discuss these details when we connect prior to your interview date.

Dr. Dar