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How To Do A Relationship Reset For People Pleasers
How to Do a Relationship Reset for People Pleasers

Knowing How and When to Do A Relationship Reset  Can Be the Difference BetweenHaving Harmony or Walking on Eggshells You see black stripes and the other person, your partner, coworker, friend, family member or acquaintance sees white stripes. And neither of you can...

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Being A People Pleaser Is Not Wrong Or Bad
Being a People Pleaser is not wrong or bad

Being a People Pleaser is not Wrong or Bad Googling the words people pleaser was disheartening. My heart sunk by seeing so much negativity being propagated by well meaning individuals.  Sure I understand it's a way to understand ourselves and why we're taken advantage...

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How To Receive When You Are A Giver And People Pleaser
How to Receive When You Are A Giver and People Pleaser

How to Receive When You Are A Giver and People Pleaser Welcome to Episode 21 of the Feel Good Superpower Podcast. Today, I'm talking about my process on how to receive when you are a giver and people pleaser. As a woman who receives by giving, serving and helping and...

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