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Dr. Dar - Relationship Coach For Women

“Being a people pleaser is not a bad thing. Being one to the wrong people… those who exploit our talents and giving nature is.  As a healthy people pleaser, I own my  people skills along with my empathy, sensitivity, emotions, kindness and generosity. I invite you to do that too!”

Hi, I’m Dr. Dar and I help you solve communication, relationship, and productivity problems so that you are free from worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, doubt, and insecurity.

Join my group called The Relationship Personalities Community.

Dr. Dar Hawks

Access to Training

On how to thrive in life, work/business, and relationships as a people pleaser in a world that is not made just for them.  Learn how to be a healthy functioning people-pleaser in a world that is not set up for… people-pleasing. 

Come As You Are Events

Where you learn how to masterfully manage your energy, instead of your time, to-do lists, and people. 

Stop being exhausted, be more productive, and get the rest you need to rejuvenate.

A Nurturing Community

An incredibly supportive, encouraging, and nurturing community of like-minded women who want to have more harmony, peace, calmness, and fun in their lives.

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