The Superpower Relationship Quiz
for People Pleasers

The Relationship Quiz for People Pleasers, Givers,
and Conscious Service Providers

Who Want to Thrive in Life, Work, and Relationships

You’re all about people and relationships, giving, helping and pleasing others.  The feel good relationship quiz for people pleasers will help you identify your relationship superpower, explain what it is, and discover your Kryptonite… the thing that triggers feeling unappreciated, insignificant, dishonored, disrespected or taken advantage of as a people pleaser, giver, helper and being service-oriented.  This is not a quiz to determine whether or not you are a people pleaser.  I believe you already know that you have people pleasing tendencies. Relationship quiz for people Pleasers

This relationship quiz for people pleasers will give you a tool to thrive as a people pleaser, stop attracting the selfish takers, and stop feeling guilty for taking time out for yourself. Relationship quiz for people pleasers

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  • Your feel good superpower relationship quiz for people pleasers entries within an hour or less.
  • Learn about your Feel Good Relationship Superpower and how to use it in your life and relationships.
  • My guide for people pleasers which walks you through each feel good superpower and Kryptonite in a practical way.  Be sure to read the emails you will get in your inbox because the link to the guide is towards the bottom of one of the emails you’ll get. Relationship quiz for people pleasers
  • Bonus: my explanation of how Human Beings Operate at a fundamental level and what happens when they get upset… so you will be able to discern whether or not, they or you contributed to or influenced the upset.
  • Announcements for my podcasts, offers, and encouragement to remind you to feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships. Relationship quiz for people pleasers
Feel Good Superpower Quiz For People Pleasers - Dr. Dar Hawks

Read these instructions carefully before starting
the Feel Good Superpower Relationship Quiz for People Pleasers

  1. Each section of the relationship quiz for people pleasers has five (5) clusters of words.
  2. Choose the cluster of words that inspire, motivate, and naturally bring out the best in you without effort or hard work
  3. Assign one of these numbers 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 to each cluster of words, where 5 is the most inspiring or best and 1 is the least. The total of the numbers on each page must equal 15. Relationship quiz for people pleasers relationship quiz for people pleasers
  4. You can only use each number (1 through 5) one time in each section. relationship quiz for people pleasers
  5. Enter your email address so I can send you your relationship quiz for people pleasers entries and results.
    Remember to click submit.Relationship quiz for people pleasers


Adapted from Inspiring the Best in Students by Jonathan C. Erwin (2010). Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Used with permission.

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