The Relationship Readiness Mindset Course

The Relationship Readiness
Mindset Course

For the People Pleasers, Empaths, Sensitive, Emotional, and Intuitives Who Make the World a Better Place

We’ve been taught that people pleasers, empaths, sensitives, emotional, and intuitive people attract narcissists, takers, mental or emotionally unbalanced, controlling, or manipulative people into our lives.  And…

People Pleasers, Empaths, Emotional, Sensitive, and Intuitive people like us have been taught things about relationships, attraction, and love that have caused pain, struggle, stress, and even trauma.

In this introductory course, I am going to share some relationship oriented beliefs and mindsets that are in the way of you having a life you love and having a healthy, harmonious, loving, connected, and reciprocal relationship.

Your mindset:

  • Feeds what you create in your life
  • Attracts experiences into your life
  • Magnetizes people into our lives
  • Consists of your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, values, and feelings.

That’s why it is important to shatter popular relationship beliefs like:

  • There are no good ‘ones’ left… they are all taken
  • What’s wrong with me that I attract unhealthy relationships or people or my relationships don’t last
  • Dating is so hard

I’m going to share a different perspective with you to consider… to ignite a mindset shift in you… in a logical and practical way.  I will also share my mindset dating story and experience with many failed relationships and what I learned in the process… with the hopes it brings you optimism, understanding, and compassion.


Relationship Readiness Heart Opening - Dr. Dar Hawks
What Will You Do Next?  Relationship Readiness - Dr. Dar Hawks

Your Mindset is Your
Starting Point

To ignite love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, kindness, collaboration, joy, and ease in your relationships.

You know what you’ve been doing is not creating the results you want for yourself and your love life. 

You dream of the possibility of something better… instead of staying with better than nothing.  

If you’re ready to experience a practical, logical, and easy mindset shift about love, relationships, and dating… then this course is for you!

Heart Maze - Be Relationship Ready
Heartsun Tlc Scaled

Here’s a Sneak Peak for What’s Included in the

Relationship Readiness Mindset Course

Module 1Introduction and Welcome - Mindset and Perspective
Unit 1Introduction to the Relationship Readiness Mindset Course  - Preview
Module 2My Story and Experience
Unit 1Getting to Know Me as Your Relationship Coach
Module 3The Mindset of What's Wrong
Unit 1Let's Address the Question: What's Wrong With Me
Unit 2Helping You Identify With Being Neutral
Module 4The Mindset of There Are No Good One's Left
Unit 1There Are No Good One's Left, They Are All Taken
Module 5Let's talk about Why Dating is Soooo Hard.
Unit 1Dating Is So Hard... Is It Really?
Unit 2The Love Consciousness Elevator - To Manage and Uplift Your Emotional State
Module 6What's Next In Your Relationship Readiness Mindset Journey?
Unit 1Let's Talk About What's Next in Your Relationship Readiness Mindset Journey
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Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

~ Steve Maraboli.

Love Crazed Heart  - Relationship Readiness- Dr. Dar Hawks
No - Frustration - Dr. Dar Hawks - Relationship Readiness

You will feel better once you take this course. 

Your heart and mind will feel more aligned, and you will think ‘gosh this makes so much sense, I don’t know why I did not clue into this sooner’.

You will stop thinking it’s your fault or their fault, and that you only attract the wrong people for you.  Your mindset will shift to a You First mindset… and let go of the Them mindset.

Your mindset will shift from a resistant no mindset to being open to seeing and experiencing feel good possibilities.

You will learn that your mind no longer has control over your life experience… that you have choice and when your mind becomes clearer, your mindset becomes clearer and becomes aligned with your heart.

What'S Wrong With Me - Dr. Dar Hawks - You Vs Them
Why Is Dating So Hard? Dr. Dar Hawks
People Pleasers Want to Feel Good - Take the Feel Good Superpower Quiz