The Are You Relationship Ready Quiz

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This quiz is for you… if you want to jump into another relationship… but you’re also ready to work on yourself before taking a deep dive into another not-so-wonderful relationship… to learn about relationships, intimate connection, emotional wisdom, and self-confidence… and to unlearn what’s not working.

Pay close attention as you digest each statement…if you get doubtful, find yourself questioning or changing your response… that’s a sign you’re head’s causing a ruckus.   Trust your first response as it’s most in tune with your heart.

***The are you relationship ready quiz is not a pass/fail quiz like the ones in school; it’s more about your honest self-assessment, and how well you handle each statement in relationships, not just your intimate ones. It is quite alright to not feel good about your responses… that helps you learn about where to infuse more focus, growth, and self-love.  If you find your mind doubting or questioning your answer, I invite you to resist changing it so your inner highest good truth can be honored.

Focus your attention and your breath on your heart.
Gently tap the center of your chest 3 times to activate your heart-based-energy.
Keep your feet grounded on the floor.
Take 3 deep breaths… and begin the quiz once you feel grounded.  Allow your inner wisdom to give you true answers.

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  • Your score will be automatically calculated. Do not enter anything in this field.
Relationship Readiness Quiz for Single Women Who Are Between Relationships
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