Relationship Readiness

For Singles Who Are Between Relationships
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Your Soulmate is Waiting For You.


This is for you if you: 

  • Have wanted to summon your soulmate for a long time and will make time for it now
  • Are coming out of a relationship
  • Have had relationships that did not work out in the past
  • Not sure about dating or find the thought of it scary
  • Aren’t quite ready for a relationship but would like one in the future
  • Give away your power or lose your voice in intimate relationships
  • Are open to a new and different way to approach dating and mating
  • Love and feel connected with Mother Moon

This is not for you if you:

  • Are unwilling to be open-minded or to let go of what has not worked for you previously
  • Have a clear vision of your ideal relationship and are attracting those types of people in your life now
  • Know the difference between negotiable and non-negotiables in a relationship
  • Know what blocks are preventing you from attracting your ideal partner and have removed them
  • Know how to determine if someone is an ideal match or not
  • Know the pitfalls of dating and how to avoid them
  • Understand the foundations that underlie healthy, committed, long-lasting relationships
  • Have an action plan and are ‘doing it’ to achieve your relationship goals

What You Receive in The

Summon Your Soulmate System

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The Summon Your Soulmate System is offered
2 times a year. 

The next one starts on May 22, 2020.
Reserve your seat today!

The price for The Summon Your Soulmate System is Value-Based.  This means that you and I will connect to share what the ‘normal’ price for the system is and what your budget can accommodate.  I want you to participate so we will find a way to make that happen, together and collaboratively in creative ways!

Summon Your Soulmate Application

The 12 Life Areas For Dating & Mating

You have a relationship to everything in your life.  Yourself, your work, your people, your money, your health, your home, your family, your past, and the list goes on. 

But when it comes to dating, a whole life approach is not taken into consideration in any other system, course, or book.  Once we get married, or into a long-term relationship, we still are unaware of each of these life areas until something draws our attention to it, often because it is not creating harmony in our lives.

In The Summon Your Soulmate System, you will take a trip around the life house wheel on the right to become crystal clear about each aspect of your life and environments that enrich you and where you thrive.

By intentional focus on each life area, you will design your ideal relationship from the present and summon your soulmate to you. You will feel good about yourself and each area of your life.

It is through your clarity and focus on each of these areas that your mind, body, heart and soul will get ‘attuned’ and ‘tuned’ to attract your soulmate naturally.

Your ‘Feel Good’ energy plus your clarity will attract and summon your soulmate. 

Alignment with the 15 dimensions of Healthy & Happy Relationships

There are fifteen dimensions of healthy and happy relationships.  Through the Summon Your Soulmate System, you will learn how to stay true to each of the dimensions and not, ever, sweep any of them under the rug just to survive or sustain yourself in a relationship.

What Women Say About The Dating System

I’ve realized that what I fear about meeting partner prospects is being the empowered one! I’ve been conditioned to believe it’s easier to be a victim of circumstance and other people’s choices. Now I am given the opportunity to be the one to decide who and what works for me. It takes courage!  I now have a clear picture of what I want and more importantly how to get it.

After I completed Dr. Dar’s Stress Free Dating program, I easily wrote my Match.com profile from the heart and included some things I had learned about myself and what I am looking for. I got so many responses from men that told me they could sense my wisdom, maturity and openness by reading my profile! That really boosted my self-esteem too, knowing that it’s attractive to be authentic.  I also attracted men who were more in alignment with who I am and what I want in my life.   

It was easy to get to know Dr. Dar right away because she is very open and kind. She is very receptive and responsive and seems to be able to sense the situation even after only having known us for a relatively short period of time. She is always upbeat, approachable, honest and positive.

If you really want to create change in your life, this is worth the investment!  I highly recommend Dr. Dar’s Stress-Free Dating System.  It is Fantastic!

Here is the audio version: 

Amy P.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Dar and the Stress-Free Dating System. It’s about so much more than dating. I really found myself.

After ending a five-year marriage with the person I had built not only a life but also a business and career with, it was hard to conceive of “getting back out there.” I had many concerns about judgment for pursuing the program before our divorce was finalized (despite a long prior separation).  I

As a result of The Stress Free Dating System, I started connecting with new people for the first time in seven years! Finally, I can identify more consciously how I want to connect, and who I want to connect with. I am more self-aware of my own superpowers, requirements, needs, and desires.

Dr. Dar was patient and reassuring even before I signed up for the program! Her wisdom, energy, and guidance are the magical ingredient that makes this program unlike anything else.

Beyond that, I had so much self-discovery through the questions and exercises she created. The way everything came together toward the end had exponential results! I am now solid in my relationship with myself, and my understanding of what I want as I move forward with dating and relationships.

I’ve started to meet prospective partners who meet my requirements, and far beyond! I’m enjoying the experience and learning more about what I want, and I feel like a whole new person!

Dr. Dar’s energy, encouragement, and wisdom, the cumulative impact of the program components as it progresses, how much awareness I’ve gained about myself and what I want, and the fact that I’ve met some amazing people since diving back into pursuing relationships again after seven years!

Sarah M.

I am so blessed to have met you.  Before I participated in the Stress Free Dating System, I was isolated during the holidays, did not even go out with friends, stayed in my safe zone with my family and cried a lot because I was lonely and wanted to be and have love in my life again.  I was scared of being hurt again. 

Now, after just 2 weeks in the Stress Free Dating System, I actually took myself out on a date for lunch.  I have not done that in over 15 years. I experienced shifts that I never thought I could or would before I met you and experienced your energy and work.


The Summon Your Soulmate System

Attraction happens when your mind, body, and heart are all aligned – this creates a beautiful, Divine, churn of energy that radiates outward.  Acting much like a magnet, your feel good aligned energy will summon your soulmate into your life with joy and ease.  Furthermore, this will happen as you naturally go about your life, doing things that you love and being in joy.  

The Summon Your Soulmate System is offered
2 times a year. 

The next one starts on May 22, 2020.
Reserve your seat today!

Summon Your Soulmate Application

Welcome Dear One!

I’m Dr. Dar, messenger for The Relationship Superpower Approach, and your guide in the Summon Your Soulmate System.  This system has been summoning soulmates for over twenty years.  I created it for myself, attracted my soulmate within six weeks of completing it, and have been happily married to him for over twenty years!  This system, when taken to heart and followed, has a 97% success rate.  Believe it and Just Do It!  Invest in yourself and your future relationship.

It is interesting that it took me over thirty years to realize that I had invested nothing on the most important relationship I would have in my life:  My Future Partner.  Instead, I had invested years into many relationships that ended, heartache after heartache, questioning what was wrong with me, and having to heal from the dishonoring, disrespectful, and demeaning relationships I had gotten into.  Then I dove into learning about what it takes to have a healthy and happy relationship.  But I found too many advisers and opinions, none of which honored me; sure I learned along the way, but those systems did not work for me because they were designed for the ‘normal relationship’ based on opinions and social conditioning.  So, I read all the books I could, researched many cultures, studied energy, and created a system for myself.  That system, my darling, is the same system I am bringing to you now.

May you become aware that investing in preparation and readiness for having your soulmate in your life is one of the most important investments you will ever make. No investment, other than your time, brings you pain and struggle.  Full investment of your time and attention into The Summon Your Soulmate System will result in you feeling good, having joy, and knowing your soulmate is on their way into your arms.

I believe in the power and energy of love.
I believe in feeling good.
I believe in you. 
I believe in you summoning your soulmate the easy way!
Let’s get started in The Summon Your Soulmate System. 

Apply now!

Credentials:  MBA & Ph.D.
Certifications: PMP, Relationship Coach (Singles and Couples), Spirit in Business Coach, Life & Spiritual Coach.
Student of: Metaphysics, Communication, Ontology, Relationships, Energy, Astrology, Choice Theory, Astro Psychology, Depth Psychology,  Human Design, the Moon, the Five Elements, and Living in the Now.

Relationship Readiness for Singles Who Are In Between Relationships - The Self Honoring Way to Attract Your Soulmate