The Relationship Rebuild Quiz for Couples

Learn. Listen. Love. Illuminating.

Welcome to the Relationship Rebuild Quiz for Couples

Take 20 minutes in solitude and loving introspection

Pay close attention as you digest each statement…if you get doubtful, find yourself questioning or changing your response… that’s a sign you’re head’s causing a ruckus.

Remember to trust your initial response – your first response is most in tune with your heart.  This is not a pass/fail quiz as you get in school; it’s more about your genuine responses that feel good or don’t feel good.  It’s alright to not feel good about your responses… that helps you and me learn more about where to infuse more magic and love in your life and relationships.  If you find your mind doubting or questioning your answer, I invite you to resist changing it and instead ask yourself ‘which relationship is this coming up about now?’ and write the statement # and the name of the person down on a piece of paper.  You may want to refer to it later.  Let’s begin.

Focus your attention and your breath on your heart.  Gently tap the left side of your chest 3 times to focus your heart-based-energy. Keep your feet grounded on the floor.  Take 3 deep breaths… and begin.

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