Relationship Rebuild

Rebuilding Your Relationship through Deep Listening, Emotional Intelligence, and Self Awareness
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Relationships Require Tender Loving Care, Daily


Let’s admit it.  You know how to be an individual.

You are a professional single person because you have been single and an individual in your life for a long time.

Being in a relationship with another person every day requires a skill set that we’re just not taught in school.  We’re taught how to write and speak a language and then pushed out into the world to do the relationship thing.  And we think there is such a thing as a normal relationship, when there is no such thing.  Because each of us has different life stories, lifestyles, requirements, needs, and personalities.  

None of us have been guided on how to communicate, connect, collaborate, and sustain a long term intimate relationship.

We think and believe we know how.  Until we start experiencing issues in our closest relationships.

Becoming a couple is a different game in life.


Could My My Relationship Be Joyful and Easy Again?

Let’s find out.

 The Salvage My Relationship Experience Is:

  • Immersive, private, and deeply personal
  • Conducted in a safe and comfortable space
  • For couples who want to see if their relationship can be saved… and what it takes to save it
  • For open minded, non-judgmental, and committed couples
  • Focused on relationship, communication, connection, coaching and listening skills that apply to any type of relationship
  • Getting clear about your relationship requirements, needs, and wants
  • Understanding what you and your partner can contribute to or not for your relationship requirements, needs, and wants
  • Knowing you and your partner’s relationship to the 5 Feel-Good Superpowers and how they play out in your relationship
  • Become an ideal partner to and for each other.

This is the education, guidance, support, mentorship, and sustainability that you did not learn in school, from family, or at work

Dr. Dar is trained to work with couples and families from all walks of life.
She walks her talk.  You won’t get any techniques from her that she does not use in her own twenty-one year happy marriage.

Collaborate. Connect. Commit. Today.

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