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Welcome to The Relationship Superpower Lab

Your Community of Soul Sisters

Connect. Collaborate. Align. Achieve. Receive.

Times are changing.

You’re Invited to join the Relationship Superpower Lab to generate transformation that serves your highest good.

You’re an ideal fit for this community if:

  • You have self-defeating thoughts and feelings from past experiences or relationships
  • Are on a journey of self-mastery, self-acceptance, and self-love
  • Crave belonging, collaboration, creativity, compassion, cooperation, and community
  • Have been going solo even in your relationships because you had to do it all
  • Been in a victim mindset or controlled by the thoughts and opinions of others and you want to break free
  • Want to be part of a loving, accepting, supportive and new community
  • Have been working on healing aspects of yourself but have not reached a state of being healed
  • Have found that everything you have tried just has not worked for you and you’re just about to give up
  • Are seeking a different, lighter, joyful way to shift mindset, perspective, and your life
  • Have been through a lot in this lifetime
  • Want to feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships more often than not

  Your Emotional

Well-Being Matters

You want a harmonious balance with your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and environmental well-being.

Your mind and body is exhibiting signs of exhaustion.  Tired of doing it all, being it all for everyone else, and surviving this world.

You want to THRIVE!

What Is The Relationship Superpower Lab?

The Relationship Superpower Lab is a:

  • Holistic method to unlearn everything that is no longer aligned with you and your life, 
  • Twelve step system to call in everything that your heart and soul desires for the remainder of your time on earth
  • Sacred, compassionate, and accepting community for development of self-mastery

You are joining a compassionate, kind, and accepting community of women who are on a journey of:

  • Self-mastery,
  • Connecting to energetic influences that serve their highest good,
  • Releasing the handcuffs of the past, and
  • Awakening to their magnificence, divinity within, and genius! 

You are here to feel good about yourself, your life, your work, and your relationships in a collaborative community. 

We do that together in the relationship superpower lab through a year of loving guided exploration of various topics such as money, partnerships, dating, marriage, our inner world, what is not serving our highest good, and more. 

Prepare to connect with long lost soul sisters, to receive, and have a life that loves you!

Feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships.

Will you heed the call and join the

Relationship Superpower Lab today?

What You Receive in

the relationship Superpower Lab

The Relationship Superpower Approach

The Relationship Superpower Lab is a magical, super intentional and focused way to accomplish self-mastery, manifest and receive in your life.

Why do you call it a lab?  It is called a lab because everything is about you and your life.  This is your life intention, creation, and manifesting experiment as you participate in this sacred, supportive, and accepting community.  

What can I expect?
Achieve all that you chose for yourself for the year and more!

  1. Receive guided self-exploration, interactive, and collaborative classes for each of the life house areas shown below.
  2. Focus on one life house area each month, covering every area by the end of the year.  You will have clarity about the what, how, when, and where. 
  3. Receive PlaySheets with each class.  I call them PlaySheets because we’re over and done with work (worksheets, workshops, etc. – yuckola!).
  4. Receive ongoing support, coaching, and alignment check-ins in the private group for lab members.
  5. Have mindful focus on your intentions, energy, inspired actions, and celebrations during the month.

It is time for you to bring joy, fun, ease, and play into your life with your focus on receiving instead of pushing for what you want!

 The Relationship Superpower Approach

In the Relationship Superpower Lab, you will learn about the five relationship superpowers and how these five Relationship Superpowers create joy, understanding, connection, and love OR conflict, tension, and discord in your day, life, and relationships. The Relationship Superpower Approach provides your access to self-knowledge and self-mastery with simplicity to feel good about yourself, your life, work and relationships (and know what to do when you don’t!)






It Is Elemental My Dear

I study patterns in my own life and what’s transpiring around me. I’ve found connections and patterns with the Five Elements that hail from ancient eastern and western astrological, religious, cultural, philosophical, science, math, and healing bodies of knowledge as well as in nature. You will learn to recognize the elements and how they influence you/your body as you experiment with and experience how and what you manifest, achieve, and receive each day.

Naturally nurture your nature. 

It’s PLAY, not work!











Tap Into the Four States Of Being and Doing

In the Relationship Superpower Lab, you will learn about the four being and doing states. We all have these four states available to us through the wisdom of our bodies.  You will learn the right day to focus on which state of being and doing so that you accomplish your objectives and receive your desired results with joy and ease.  Your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being elevates when you honor all four states innate within you, the right timing to use each one, and partnering with each of the elements in a cosmic balance.

Your Body Has an

Energy Map

You have your own magnetic nine centered energy system in your body along with pathways linking them to each other. 

You will learn how to connect with and leverage your body’s energy system to be well emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and environmentally.  You will also learn how to manifest, receive, and make highest good choices.  You will activate your well-being energy shield once you know the secrets to your body energy map!

Your Inner Design is Waiting For You and Your Love!

We have been taught to rely on our heads, people and things outside of ourselves; however, I have found that the wisdom of our bodies is a gift.  Giving your brain a much-needed break results in lower stress, no longer feeling exhausted, and having harmony, joy, and ease. 

Your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being elevates when you hear and honor the wisdom and energy your body.  Your youthful spirit will be restored as you reconnect and restore your partnership with your body energy map. 

Will you heed the call and join the Relationship Superpower Lab today?
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Your Life is Calling You

Due to the nature of this service being delivered to you as a member with files and the bonuses that are provided and ordered on demand, there are no refunds for these products and any associated services.  I want you to receive the most out of the lab.  Please contact me with any questions and let’s get the magic of the Relationship Superpower Lab working for you.

Welcome Dear One!

I’m Dr. Dar, messenger for The Relationship Superpower Approach, and facilitator of The Relationship Superpower Lab.  You have a relationship to everything in your life.  Yourself, your work, your people, your money, your health, your home, your family, your past, and the list goes on. 

By intentional focus on each life area, using the gifts and patterns from psychological astrology, nature and the environment, and your human life, I help you achieve all of your dreams, desires, results, and outcomes. You will feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships. 

My clients call me their magic feel good wand, relationship and life coach, or their weekly booster shot. 

I bring harmony, clear thinking, feeling good, joy, ease, and desired results and outcomes to everyone I connect with.  It’s not about working, it’s about honoring and having.

Feeling good is your key to manifesting and receiving.

My work involves honoring your nature and patterns, alignment with what you want in your life and relationships, and addressing thoughts, feelings, and moods as energetic forms that are not serving your highest good.  It is a simple way to transcend the old and embrace feeling good and achieving and receiving your desired results. 

I believe in the power and energy of love.
I believe in feeling good.
I believe in you. 

I see you. 
I honor you. 
I love you!

Credentials:  MBA & Ph.D.
Certifications: PMP, Relationship Coach (Singles and Couples), Spirit in Business Coach, Life & Spiritual Coach.
Student of: Metaphysics, Communication, Relationships, Energy, Astrology, Choice Theory, Astro Psychology, Depth Psychology, Ontology, Human Design, the Moon, the Five Elements, and Living in the Now.

The Relationship Superpower  Lab