I’m Dr. Dar, founder of The Relationship Superpower Approach to feeling good about ourselves, our lives, and our relationships, and host of The Relationship Superpower Podcast.  This podcast is for professional women who relate to being introverts, ambiverts, multi-talented, multi-passionate, projectors, generators, sensitive, empaths, healers, enablers, or peacemakers.

Relationships are the root cause of stress. We are unaware of the impact until major symptoms show up in our relationships, minds, and bodies. Most of the time, stress is generated by not having the conversations that need to be had to create desired results or not honoring ourselves more or equal to others in our lives. And, we have relationships with people, environments (home, work, nature etc.), and things (money, trees, pets, etc.).

In the Relationship Superpower Podcast, I provide you with inspiration and encouragement to take 1 step to have feel good about ourselves, our lives, and our relationships.

There are five relationship superpowers that align with how we respond, react, and behave in our relationships free relationships, work and lives. Our Superpower is active and engaged when we feel grounded and open-hearted. Our kryptonite is active when we feel shame, blame, guilt, depressed, anxious, or critical.  Knowing your superpower and your kryptonite is a stress-free and harmonious way to live our lives when interacting with other people and systems/organizations. Being aware of all five superpowers and their shadow side (aka kryptonite) provides you with the secrets to ‘getting along’ with just about anyone, and knowing when and how to exit the relationship.

What is Your Relationship Superpower? Find out now, take the quiz.


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