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The relationship superpower quiz is for anyone who:

  • is working on themselves,
  • wants to have better relationships,
  • is interested in communicating and listening better, or
  • really anyone who deals with people. 

Having the knowledge, language, and framework of the Relationship Superpowers makes people skills simple.  Human beings operate in patterns, whether we admit it or not.  The Relationship Superpower Quiz will help you understand what motivates you and others to do what they do, say what they say, and what to do when there upsets occur.  There are five relationship superpowers.  Take the quiz to learn what they are and how you can use them to have joy, ease, and great relationships.

Enhance your Self Mastery, Emotional Intelligence,
Relationship, Communication, Listening and Collaboration Skills
ith this quiz and the knowledge and wisdom you will receive from it!

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Please read these directions carefully before beginning the relationship superpower quiz

  1. There are five (5) sections in the Relationship Superpower Quiz.  Each section has five (5) clusters of words.  Contemplate what motivates and inspires you to be happiest and at your best as you assess each cluster of words.
  2. Evaluate which cluster motivates you the most to the least.
  3. Assign one of these numbers 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 to each word cluster on each page so that the total of the numbers on each page equals 15.  Use each of the numbers in each section one time with 5 being the most motivating to you and 1 being the least motivating to you.
  4. Enter your email address so I can send you your results. Be sure to click submit.

Once you click submit, you will receive:

  • An email with your relationship superpower quiz entries within an hour or less.
  • Information by email about how to use your top 2 Superpowers and lowest score, called your Kryptonite, in your life and relationships.
  • Other feel good encouragement and offers for remarkable relationships and communication.

Adapted from Inspiring the Best in Students by Jonathan C. Erwin (2010). Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Used with permission.

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