For people pleasers who are ready to feel significant, respected, and honored.

Understand what makes you tick and discover your
Feel Good Relationship Superpower

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You’re kind, thoughtful, hard-working, and have gifts to contribute to the world. 

Yet you feel unheard?

Struggling with feeling significant in life, work, and relationships.

And asking yourself “how do I matter?” 

It’s time to feel good about yourself, your life, work and relationships 
from the Inside-Out.

Because People Pleasers Make the World a Better Place!  The world needs you to feel good and allow yourself to show up, be strong, stand up, speak up, and bring your gifts out to shine now more than ever!

Your Feel Good Relationship Superpower is the Key

Feel Good Superpower Dr. Dar

Knowing your Feel Good Relationship Superpower gives you the will, strength, and courage to:

Be yourself,

Understand yourself so that others understand you,

Have conversations where you are heard, and

Create desired results in your life, work, and relationships. Relationship Superpowers for People Pleaser

Feeling good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships as a giver and people pleaser means living your life on your terms…
and feeling good about it.

When you know how to use your Feel Good Relationship Superpower it:

  • Keeps you from feeling hopeless and unheard
  • Is a feel-good technique to use when you are an emotional mess
  • Helps you achieve mastery with your awareness, worth, and empath-ability
  • Is your manifesting and receiving magnet
  • Is a framework for mastery with communication, listening, and connecting in any relationship or situation
  • Helps you feel good every glorious day! People Pleasers Make the World a Better Place

Your relationship superpower is your secret sauce, your magic formula, and the energy that motivates and inspires you to be Your Highest Good Self.  It works with everything in your life… because you have a relationship with everything… people, money, environment, body, mind, intimacy… you name it… you have a relationship with it.  And… your superpower is your guide in every one of these relationships! People Pleasers Make the World a Better Place Relationship Superpowers for People Pleasers

The Feel Good Relationship Superpower approach has worked miracles in the lives and relationships of my clients and…and me too.  Relationship Superpowers for People Pleasers People Pleasers Make the World a Better Place

May it do the same and more for you!

From my heart to yours,
Dr. Dar  Relationship Superpowers for People Pleasers

Years in Business

Nurtured Lives


Happy Clients

Dr. Dar has an encyclopedic knowledge and a gentle heart to help guide you, whether you’re in crisis or if you’re ready to elevate your life experience beyond the “daily grind.”   She has great intuition, but she will draw from various practices and art forms to customize care to a client’s specific needs.  I received a session to interpret my Body Energy Map, and it was really spot-on and enlightening.

~Aggie Sprung, Retired Manager  NC

Ready to know your Superpower… and Release your Kryptonite?
Hi, I’m Darshana…Dr. Dar

I know that most professional women and men struggle with things like balancing work and life, a difficult relationship.

Not knowing how to communicate something that does not feel good, the issues, and stress at work.

Having a hard time finding the right person to have a relationship with, or having issues with the one you are with.

Body image issues, financial worries, and more… you can pretty much list your own struggles and know what I am talking about can’t you?


If you’re ready for your transformation…to see your Superpower and release your Kryptonite I’m here to guide you.

Dr. Dar - Relationship Coach For Women

Dr. Dar has been incredibly helpful in guiding me though the process of realigning myself with my life purpose! She led me to identify what I value, what I want, and who I am with an incredible level of clarity. I had many AHA! moments as I learned how to honor my strengths and support myself in relationships. Her program was engaging, and even fun. “

 ~ Amy Rodney Parrott

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