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Empathic, Emotional, or Sensitive

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Communication Magic

For People Pleasers, Givers, Emotional, & Sensitive People in Relationships With People Who Aren’t


Communication Magic For People Pleasers - How To Say It And Hear It - Dr. Dar Hawks
It’s frustrating to be a people pleaser who can tell what another person may need, think, or feel… only to be surrounded by people who are completely clueless.  It’s like there is this chasm between them and you… like you’re from different planets… just like the dog’s thinking about a bone, while the cat is thinking about fish.

You are kind, considerate, and you naturally pay attention to the small details when you’re around other people.  Your sensitivity, empathy, and emotional maturity comes easily to you.  And, you’re keenly aware that not everyone has what you have.

It’s easy to think that it’s just common courtesy or common sense.


It is to you!

It’s annoying to realize that there are a lot of people around us, who are not wired like us.  They show kindness, empathy, and love in different ways… so we don’t easily recognize it as kindness, empathy or love.

You see, it’s because you’ve somehow figured out that communicating is more than just talking and hearing. You, at a deep level, know that communication is a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual activity… but you have not yet figured out the energy part just yet.

One minute the conversation is going just fine… and the next you or the other person is agitated… and you think it would be great to have a step by step map on how to get out of that heavy, frustrated, and agitated state.


Sweating It, Anxiety, Worry, Concern Map - In Trouble At Work As A People Pleaser
Happy Map Of A People Pleaser - Dr. Dar Hawks
There’s a lot going on when human beings communicate.

It’s much more than verbal and nonverbal signals. You see, communication requires mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy, connection, commitment, involvement, and engagement.

And you… when you connect and communicate… even during those times you’re silent… you are connecting in all of these domains… you’re multitasking like a master of all trades…

And I betcha you didn’t even know you were working multi-dimensionally… you genius you!

Communcation Magic - How To Say It - How To Hear It - Energy-Dt133582339

Communication Magic

How to Say It and How to Hear It is Your Path to:

  • Feeling connected, fitting in, belonging, and love
  • Freedom to be how you are and say what’s there while being heard, understood, and appreciated
  • Restoring light-hearted fun energy when there is heaviness in the space
  • Being empowered with empathy, compassion, and the best words to use in any situation
  • Creating a safe space as well as feeling and being safe to engage in dialogue


The Five Superpowers and Kryptonites

These five superpowers are wired into us as human beings. They motivate and inspire us to be at our best… or they bring out the worst in us when we’re triggered, trauma surfaces, or we have not yet learned how to work with them in our relationships.  They are what drives the human operating system at a primal level… and you’ll learn the secrets of how to create harmonious, reciprocal, and respectful relationships by understanding, connecting, and leveraging them in all of your relationships… including the one with yourself!


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People Pleasers Know that Words Have Power

Which is why we know how to keep our mouth shut… Stop Keeping What You Want to Stay Bottled Up

Know What To Say, How to Say It, and When to Say It

I am here to support you in having the conversations you are not having so that you can have the results you desire in your life by sharing simple, joyful, easy, and honoring ways of how to say it.

I show you how to communicate so that you are heard, understood, accepted and appreciated as a people pleaser, giver, empath, sensitive or emotional person… with real life examples.

Having the Words To Communicate What We Want Can Be Downright Difficult or Even Impossible

Say goodbye to stress, worry, loss of sleep, feeling bad about yourself, feeling guilty, or anything else that does not serve your highest good.

It’s just a conversation.

When you plan, prepare, and practice with me, you will be ready to have the conversation you’ve been dreading, avoiding, or delaying.  And… you will experience a better result than what you may be thinking right now.

Your Freedom depends on your having this conversation.

The chains of not having the conversations that need to be had are weights on your shoulders.   You can be free from the stress and strain of the relationships where you are not saying what needs to be said, tolerating things that don’t feel good, not being heard or understood, or being seen and acknowledged.  Work with me to remove them today.

Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.
― Fyodor Dostoevsky


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How to Say It, How to Hear It

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Hello! I’m Dr. Dar

I always will have the best words that get results

Hi, I’m Dr. Dar and I have been asked how to have conversations, what words to use, and how to say it since I was about 14 years old. Today, I honor my gift of communicating from a space of compassion and love while also showing others how to ask for what they need and want, negotiate alternatives, and find common ground in conversations they would just shy away from or avoid only to become resentful, bitter, or resigned in those relationships where they are not being forthright.

I have launched my How To Say It coaching service for on the spot support for conversations you need or must have or are avoiding but know you need to have that are creating loss of sleep, worry, anxiety or avoidance.

If you know someone who is not addressing what needs to be said in any relationship (personal or professional) please send them my way. I know I can help… expeditiously with joy and ease.

Let’s chat to first see if the Be Relationship Ready coaching is for you!

P.S.  Besides having a sh*ton of relationships gone sour from my past, I’m also trained to work with singles on dating and attracting love by The Relationship Coaching Institute.  You should also know that I walk my talk.  I have done the inner work and use the tools and techniques that I will share with you  daily in my relationships.

Do something today that your Future Self will thank you for.
~ Sean Patrick Flannery

What My Clients Say

I am so blessed to have met you.  Before I participated in the Relationship Readiness System, I was isolated during the holidays, did not even go out with friends, stayed in my safe zone with my family and cried a lot because I was lonely and wanted to be and have love in my life again.  I was scared of being hurt again.

Now, after just 2 weeks in the Relationship Readiness System, I actually took myself out on a date for lunch.  I have not done that in over 15 years. I experienced shifts that I never thought I could or would before I met you and experienced your energy and work.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Rather than push you away with pricing or money objections, I want to speak with you and find a way to work together… schedule your consultation and let’s get your services out into the world… together.

How much time is involved?

Honestly, this is up to you and your choice.  However, I can tell you this… you will receive tremendous value… in a way that energizes you to attract and be ready for your dream partner and relationship right away, in an aligned and feel good way!

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