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“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Each one of us knows how to be single.

We are pros at it… because many of us have been single for most of our lives… plus we engage in activities throughout our day on our own.

We know how to be single.

None of us have been guided on how to communicate, connect, collaborate, and sustain a long term intimate relationship.

Sure, I watched

Becoming a couple is a different game in life.



Could My Marriage Be Dreamy Again?

Let’s find out.

The Stress Free Marriage Experience Is…

  • Immersive, private, and deeply personal
  • Conducted in a safe and comfortable space
  • For couples who want to see if their relationship can be saved… and what it takes to save it
  • For open minded, non-judgmental, and committed couples
  • Focused on relationship, communication, connection, coaching and listening skills that apply to any type of relationship
  • A way to get your head aligned with your heart and soul so that you become an ideal partner to and for each other.

This is the education, guidance, support, and sustainability that you did not learn in school, from family, or at work by Dr. Dar who is trained to work with couples and families from all walks of life.

Collaborate. Connect. Commit. Today.

The Stress Free Marriage Experience

What Is Body Energy?

The human body consists of five domains or layers of energy that are called the human energy field.

  1. Physical Energy –  consists of your physical body and everything it comprises such as organs, blood, skin, etc.
  2. Etheric Energy – consists of a layer of energy that is located within an inch or so from your physical body. I think this is where we feel tingles or goosebumps that then manifest on our body. This layer is known to be the bridge between the physical body and your emotions, feelings, and thoughts
  3. Emotional Energy – consists of our emotions, feelings, and fears.  This is where the emotional wave is experienced in high or low intensities.
  4. Mental Energy – consists of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, personal truths, perceptions based on our past experiences, and higher learning.
  5. Spiritual Energy – consists of heightened awareness, consciousness, our higher self, higher awareness, and connection to the Divine, Universe, or forces greater than ourselves.

The picture below is the best example I could provide to illustrate how this works.  Think of yourself as the magnet in the center – the blue and red section.  When your energy is aligned, the scattered dots are more aligned and centered.  When your energy is in need of attunement, at any of the layers, it shows up as scattered all over and outward with large gaps. 

Body Energy Attunement is a remote or distance energy program, rooted in relieving symptoms of stress, that brings your energy back into harmony, restores higher awareness and responsiveness, that is the definition of attune.

How Does This Work?

Research has shown that we are constantly bombarded with negative energy signals emitting from a diverse array of sources; microwaves, cell phones, computers, high tension wires, people, and environments, just to name a few. I have concluded, by experimentation in my own life, that if negative energy signals can be created, the laws of nature must support the creation of positive energy signals. Remote sessions with this program create and send positive energy signals to interact with the signals emitted by all human beings with the intention of balancing those signals and creating an environment in which the immune system can operate optimally.  This program is known more publicly as SRC (Stress Releasing Companion) and was created by David Harris, a grand master in Qi Gong and a master at energy movement in the human body.

All matter in our universe has an energetic frequency. When you reduce everything down to a cellular level and even further down to an atomic level, the absolute smallest core element can only truly be measured via sound waves. Stress affects the human body by leaving negative energetic anomalies that result in imbalance. The human body is a highly complex organism that performs optimally only when in perfect balance. Unfortunately, today, the human body is rarely in perfect balance.  This program creates positive energetic frequency patterns to combat, replace and/or neutralize the negative frequency patterns that result from stress.

NOTE:  This in no way whatsoever is treating, diagnosing, or curing anything nor is it a replacement for medical, mental, financial, legal, or religious licensed professionals.  This is solely energy harmonizing and balancing. 

Examples of Energy Imbalances

(These are examples of experiences you may have when an energy imbalance is present.  This is not a diagnosis or treatment whatsoever.)

Lack of sleep
Perceived stress
Screen time (excessive exposure to electronics)
Self-judgment and negative self-talk

Work or other environment
Sleeping difficulty
Inability to concentrate
Fatigue or exhaustion

Feeling insecure
Food cravings, overeating or eating too little
Sudden angry or mood outbursts
Increased alcohol, sugar or other consumption
Social withdrawal
Frequent crying

Attunement = harmonizing or Balancing Your Energy

Body Energy Attunement is a remote or distance energy program, rooted in relieving symptoms of stress, that brings your energy back into harmony, restores higher awareness and responsiveness, that is the definition of attune.

When you are off balance, you are aware of it, much like being on a seesaw. 
Now you know you can receive energy harmonizing and balancing without leaving home or work.

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