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I coach compassionate, generous women/men who want to improve their relationship, save their marriage, communicate better, heal from past relationships and be ready for the next one.

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Relationship Alchemy Membership Program

Join this nurturing and lovingly guided membership program to help you create healthy, happy, and harmonious relationships through a gentle, peaceful, guided process to heal your past, love your present, and choose your future. 

You will release any history, present or past, that is not serving your greatest good. Gain peace of mind as you make sense of what went wrong, release all self-blame, cut remaining attachment cords, and be healed of the pains of past relationships.  You’ll come away with a clear path towards designing or actually choosing your future from the now, in small steps along the path.

Save Your Marriage in a Weekend

A private facilitated weekend to fix the issues in your marriage that are threatening a possible ending. 

With transformational coaching, mediation and facilitation, you will be able to talk through things calmly

Both of your perspectives will be addressed in a civil, respectful, and collaborative manner with the goal of finding common ground… even in the midst of diverse opinions and disagreement.

By the end of the weekend, you both will know exactly what it will take to save your marriage, choose whether or not you’re committed to doing it, and have an action and accountability plan for creating a happier marriage and life together.

Save Your Marriage In A Weekend Package - Dr. Dar Hawks
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Personal, Private, Confidential 1:1 Coaching Packages

For one on one support to:

  • Design a healthy path forward,
  • Sort through your emotions,
  • Completely heal from past relationship trauma,
  • Strengthen existing relationships,
  • Define, communicate and embrace your value in your relationships,
  • Define your value system so that your relationships start to align with them,
  • Receive ongoing uplifting, compassionate support without a structured program

* Customized options to work within your budget are available.  Let’s chat.

How to Get Started…


Get in Touch

The first step is to understand what’s going on in your relationship, what outcome you would like to have happen, and what you think it will take to have that outcome.

Have a Welcome Call

We’ll get to know each other over a quick Zoom call where we’ll talk about what’s going on, what you want and need, and the options of us working together.

Get Started

Now that we’ve worked out exactly what you need and assessed how we can work together, let’s enroll you into the right program and get started right away.


It’s no easy task to impress me as I’ve been a successful Executive Coach working with Fortune 500 CXO’s for over two decades.  My husband of 25 years and I had been going to therapy to work out our issues for over twenty years.  I met Dr. Dar at a conference… I was impressed by her aptitude, education, credentials, ability to listen and understand multiple points of view without projecting her opinions/beliefs on me, and her collaborative coaching style to identify solutions that could work for us. I also knew that she would help us fix our issues so that we would not need to keep having to rehash the same issues over and over again like we had been. 

You may think that no one can fix a marriage in one weekend… but that’s what you’re taught to think so that you keep paying for services over and over again.  Dr. Dar said that I don’t have time or money to waste so let’s get this solved once and for all.  In one weekend, she was able to drill down to the core issue that was plaguing my marriage and gave us an action plan to change our attitude and behaviors when it came to communication, finances, shared responsibilities, and honoring our agreements to each other. We stopped fighting and started listening without gaslighting each other.  I come home to a happier home every day now.  I highly recommend her save your marriage in 1 weekend service – it’s worth every penny. I even hired her to help my daughter with an abusive marriage situation a couple of years later because I knew she could fix it.  ~ L. L.

Note: Due to the sensitivity of the work they do with Dr. Dar, her clients do not provide pictures or their full names.  Dr. Dar has a strict confidentiality agreement in place with her clients which is one of many reasons she is sought after for her services.

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