Spring Clearing, Cleaning, and Nurturing



Dr. Dar

I have been preparing for a relocation… just packing ahead of time, not having a specific destination in mind.

Dr. Dar Springclean

It’s how I roll.

I am creating space, calling in our next home, calling in buyers for our current home… The kitchen and china console – 1st to be boxed up. I am flabbergasted at how much I have packed so far… and now how much I am looking at with ‘I no longer need this’ eyes.

Which brings me to… it’s Spring and time to swap out the winter clothes for summer…

1) Do the Switch – Bye Bye Winter Clothes! Hello, Spring!
2) Purge – Donate or Chuck It if it’s damaged, doesn’t fit well or worn out… and
if you did not wear it last year, you probably won’t this year.
3) Divide & Conquer – Keep the Basics, Favorites & Glam Pieces (the rest, you
know what to do!)
4) Make a conscious choice – for every piece of clothing, undergarments, or
shoes you purchase this year, commit to donating 1 or 2 pieces from your

#NurtureYourNature #DrDar

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