The Stellar Relationships Toolkit

For empathic, emotional, or sensitive smart women who want to feel confident, secure, and empowered, even in their most challenging relationships. 

There’s Someone in Your Life Whose Behavior
Has Kept You Up at Night

We’re talking about the unbearable, selfish, toxic, controlling, manipulative, bullying, energy sucking, emotionally draining, or physically demanding relationship. 

You may even think the relationship falls into the “It’s Complicated” category.

And… we’re not just talking about your home or family life.

(You know what I’m talking about, right?!)

Think of all the struggles you’ve had at work with coworkers, your team, boy/girlfriend, spouse, parent, sibling,
or even your manager.  It’s enough to wreak havoc on your emotional well-being.

And… don’t forget that person who you thought was your friend.

It May Feel Like You’re…

Constantly Walking On Eggshells

Saying "I'm Sorry" Even When It's Not Your Fault

Accused and Blamed for Everything

Tired of Being Bullied, Controlled, or Manipulated

What If Instead, You Felt…

Calm and In Control

Supported and Appreciated

Confident Communicating

Strong and Empowered


The Stellar Relationships Toolkit



Stellar Relationships Toolkit - Product Image

Here’s What You Get in The Stellar Relationships Toolkit for $29.00


Empowering Self Assessment Tool

Know your relationship style (the specific way you show up in relationships) and what value you bring to the table in your romantic and non-romantic relationships so that you can stand confidently, be empowered, honor your needs, and communicate honestly to create stellar relationships.

Bonus:  A cheat sheet to show you the destructive and constructive relationship habits so that you can be aware of what you’re experiencing and what to ask for from others when they’re being destructive.


Mini-Lesson: How to Take the Relationship Style Self-Assessment

This assessment is not like any other one you have taken. You’ll get my step by step guidance on how to take this self-assessment and the mindset you need to get to the heart of how you can have stellar relationships while honoring your relationship style.


Situational Analysis Mind Map

Avoid over analyzing a situation that leads to analysis paralysis by using this one page mind map to help you sort through what happened, how you feel, and what do say and do about it… with mental acumen and confidence.


Confidence Builder Mind Map

When you get into questioning yourself, dismissing your feelings, or bad mouthing yourself… this one pag mind map is your angel guiding you quickly build yourself back up without taking days, weeks, or months to restore believing in and trusting yourself.


Ease Your Emotions Guide

Know how to tap into the wisdom of your emotions without feeling badly about them or yourself.  Using the 4 basic positive and negative themes of emotions that subconsciously govern our behaviors, you’ll be able to restore your emotional well-being quickly. You will be equipped ahead of time to breeze through the times when you’re feeling the feels more intensely and when others may act out more than usual.


Confident Communication Planner

For those times when you’re emotional, having anxiety, nervous, excited, or even dreading a conversation with a loved one, your boss, a parent, or anyone else… this one page conversation planner helps you you sort through your emotions and logically plan your conversation so that you build your confidence, are clear about the outcome you want, and trust the conversation will go well… because you took a few minutes to carefully and lovingly plan it.

All for just $29!

* Limited time pre-sale offer
All items will be ready and delivered to you by 12/23/2021


“Feel Like a Whole New Person”

I can’t say enough about Dr. Dar. I really found myself after participating in one of her programs during a difficult time in my life. Her wisdom, energy, and guidance are wonderful and transformative. I’ve had so much self-discovery through the questions and exercises she created. The way everything came together toward the end had exponential results! I am now solid in my relationship with myself, and my understanding of what I want as I move forward in various areas of my life! I feel like a whole new person!


Get Today’s Special Add On Bonuses

Add On For 29 - Stellar Relationships Toolkit - Dr. Dar Hawks

Here’s What You Get in Add On Bonuses
If You Take Action Today!


1 Zoom Group Coaching Call

Get your questions answered, receive guidance, and be supported to get the most benefit from your toolkit. You will learn the #1 reason people don’t get along, why we behave the way we do, and what triggers instant intense emotional reactions. Bring your real life examples of each of the relationship styles to better understand how to adapt real time.

astrology for stellar relationships toolkit


Putting It All Together Mini-Lesson

I’ll guide you on how to make the best use of your stellar relationships toolkit and how to use each item you receive to make every day a great day plus be your best self booming with self-confidence, peace of mind, and trust.

astrology for stellar relationships toolkit


Personal Empowering Confidence Building Mantras

Receive 12 I AM statements connected with the Zodiac signs.  Having a simple mantra each day gives your mind something to focus on while building your self-confidence, self-trust, and strength. You don’t need to know anything about the zodiac signs as you will intuitively or thoughtfully choose your confidence building mantra before you start your day that most aligns with what you need most.astrology for stellar relationships toolkit


The Needs Identifier Cheat Sheet

You will receive a cheat sheet with 12 higher level subconscious and energetic needs we all have. These needs are associated with the twelve signs of the zodiac.. don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about the signs or your chart. In fact it’s better if you don’t so that you can intuitively select a need from the that you need most.  By focusing on a preselected need in this way, you will find empowerment and balance as you become aware of how your need is being fulfilled each day and can consciously choose what to do when it’s not. stellar relationships toolkits


Hand Postures to Rejuvenate Your Energy

There are unlimited ways we can rejuvenate our energy just by how we hold our hands.  You’ll get 7 hand postures, 1 for each day of the week, carefully selected, specially for you, to rejuvenate your energy, empowerment, confidence, trust, appreciation, balance, and self-love. These postures can be done anywhere and at any time… no one will know what you’re doing… but you :-).  stellar relationships toolkits


Private Empowering Community

You’ll be invited to join my private community for paying customers where you receive emotional support, collaboration, inspiration, empowerment, energy tune ups, and tools to be at your best every day. (Community will either be a private Facebook group, my Telegram channel or an option off social media completely depending on the needs of paying customers).astrology for stellar relationships toolkit

For an additional $29

* limited time offer
All items will be ready and delivered to you by 12/23/2021


“Crisis or Elevate”

Dr. Dar has encyclopedic knowledge and a gentle heart to help guide you, whether you’re in crisis or if you’re ready to elevate your life experience beyond the “daily grind.” She has great intuition, but she will draw from various practices/artforms to customize care to a client’s specific needs. I received a session to interpret my Energy, and it was really spot-on and enlightening.


“Consistent State of Love”

Dr. Dar’s “Love Mindset” is very powerful. Imagine living in a consistent state of love and compassion. The possibility is real and Dr. Dar through her knowledge and wisdom can assist you in attaining a mindset that will enrich your life.


I’m Dr. Dar…

I am so glad you’re here for support, guidance, and tools to help you get along with anyone.

Even though my genius is in helping my clients get along with their coworkers, boss, spouse, boy/girlfriend, or family member, I too have relationships that keep me up at night.  I created this bundle to help me… and you get along with anyone.

Dr. Dar - Feel Good Alchemist

Get Your Stellar Relationships Toolkit Today

Can this toolkit help anyone?

It sure can.  It’s designed to work in any situation for any person.  It’s just the layout, colors, and verbiage that appeals typically to women.

Can I share this with my friends?

The digital product is only for you to use from your purchase.  Please do share this toolkit sales page with your friends so they can purchase their own copy for their own use.  And, you can sign up as an affiliate so you make some bank on your referrals.

How long will it be at this can't beat it price?

Until the 2nd week in December… but… I may take it down sooner so jump on it now!

Are refunds available?

A lot of effort goes into creating a digital product and toolkit for you so you can receive benefit as soon as you say yes.  Consequently there are no refunds for this product.

What is a Pre-Order?

You’re coming in as a founding member of a new product and buying it early… before it’s created, designed, packaged and put into your in-box at a later date than your purchase date.

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