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Oooooh, it is wonderful to intentionally and intuitively select which of the five Feel Good Superpowers to call in for support each day or each week. The Feel Good Superpower approach to our lives, work, and relationships is so simple and easy, I don't have to work hard at it. I've tried other larger card decks, exercises in self-improvement books, or even mood apps to help me maintain being grounded and in joy each day. But, the thing is, they don't have staying power. They don't stick. And I have to work hard to remember to use them.

With the Feel Good Superpowers of Love, Fun, Freedom, Power, or Survival/Thriving... our wisdom already understands what each stands for, what we need to be supported related to that Feel Good Superpower and our wisdom already knows what to do when we select one. You don't have to work hard at it. I just love the simplicity of it. Just last week, I shuffled my cards, and my inner wisdom called in the Feel Good Superpower of Fun. And my week was truly so much fun and joyful. It just helps our minds and bodies orient around these energies, easily and wholly.

Pssst... Truth... I pull one for myself every Monday and it just guides my energy for that week. It's interesting how that superpower is needed for things that transpire that week... the energy knows before I know with certainty.

I also pull one for my Feel Good Facebook Community to provide us with extra nourishing Feel Good support. You can join my community here: https://FeelGood-Group.com

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