Let's Strengthen Your Relationship

Is Worrying About Your Relationship Keeping You Up At Night?

We’re not just talking about arguing about what’s for dinner…

(You know what I’m talking about, right?!)

Think of all the times you felt insecure, controlled, manipulated, bullied, unsupported, blamed, or accused…

And all the disagreements you’ve had or felt like you’re on your own trying to make it better…

Don’t forget about the white lies, walking on eggshells to not upset the apple cart, or even cheating…

And… not getting your needs met but making darned sure theirs are, being take advantage of, and not being appreciated for anything no matter what you do.

Maybe You Feel Like You’re…


Out of Control With Your Emotions


Trying Everything To Make it Better


Always Saying "I'm Sorry"

What If Instead, You Felt…

Calm and In Control

Supported and Appreciated

Strong and Empowered

What If You Could Put These Things to Bed for Under $100?


The Essential Strengthen Your Relationship Toolkit

Strengthen Your Relationships Toolkit Header - Product Image

The Essential Strengthen Your Relationships toolkit will help you:


Discover Your Relationship Language

Understand why your relationship’s not working by learning your relationship language and how it’s different from his/hers. strengthen your relationship toolkit


Analyze Your Current Upsetting Situation

A guided worksheet to help you sort through what happened, what they did, process how you feel about it, and think through what you want instead… so you can quickly shift to a calmer, less anxious space.


Ease Your Emotions

This handy short reference sheet tells you when you could have a heightened emotional state each month and what to do to prepare yourself so that you can stay calm, take time for yourself, and not do things to make things worse in your relationship.


Prepare for Difficult Times of the Year

Learn about 3 time windows during the year when communicating can be more difficult, exasperating, frustrating or challenging.  These are the times to exercise patience, listening more than talking, choose to wait instead of pushing the ‘we need to talk’ talk, and allow others to have their moods… and you… yours.  Now you’ll know ahead of time and can plan extra self care during those time windows.


Understand Your Relationship Triggers

When you’re upset, it’s hard to not take it personally or think about what you or they did wrong.  The analyze your upset mind map will help you make sense of why you’re upset, what really caused it, how s/he triggered it, understand each others perspective so that you can restore your peace-of-mind… and prepare yourself before discussing it with them.

This is for me

Wisdom, Energy, Guidance

I can’t say enough about Dr. Dar. I really found myself after participating in one of her programs during a difficult time in my life. Dr. Dar was patient and reassuring even before I signed up for the program! Her wisdom, energy, and guidance are wonderful and transformative. I’ve had so much self-discovery through the questions and exercises she created. The way everything came together toward the end had exponential results! I am now solid in my relationship with myself, and my understanding of what I want as I move forward in various areas of my life! I feel like a whole new person!


There’s a Reason I’m Called the Relationship Healer

I am professionally trained, gifted, and compassionate about relationships, communication, and what it takes to make relationships stronger. 

The toolkit should be everything you need to get your relationship back on track, but if you find yourself needing a little more support I’ve included an add-on bundle for extra nurturing support.

Strengthen Your Relationships Toolkit Add Ons- Product Image

Here’s What You Get in the Add On Bonuses
If You Take Action Today!


Empowering Affirmations

Twelve short affirmations to help you keep calm, confident, and safe for those times when you need to stop thinking, analyzing, or judging.  Choose an affirmation, and focus on it… repeating it over… and over again… until all of a sudden, your stinking thinking becomes peaceful and kind. strengthen your relationship toolkit


Needs Assessment

You will receive a list of 12 core personal needs to help you sort through what’s missing.  When you’re feeling off, take a look at this list and choose the need that you most align with… then you can clearly ask for support from your partner.


7 Ways to Stay Calm

Maintain your calm state of mind, a relaxed body, and confidence in yourself to handle anything that comes your way each day with these seven calming tools.


How to Use Your Toolkit

A video lesson introducing you to your toolkit and how to put it to use right away to help you save your relationship… and yourself.asstrengthen your relationship toolkittionships toolkit


30 Minutes to Strengthen Your Relationship 1:1 Call With Me

A 30 minute coaching call with me where you can ask me anything to help you strengthen your relationship and get guidance on how to make the most out of your toolkit. This add on alone is worth the toolkit investment at more than a 60% discount. strengthen your relationship toolkit

Tuck This Into Your Toolkit for $37.00


Gentle Heart

Dr. Dar has encyclopedic knowledge and a gentle heart to help guide you, whether you’re in crisis or if you’re ready to elevate your life experience beyond the “daily grind.” She has great intuition, but she will draw from various practices/artforms to customize care to a client’s specific needs. I received a session to interpret my Body Energy Map, and it was really spot-on and enlightening.


Love Mindset

Dr. Dar’s “Love Mindset” is very powerful. Imagine living in a consistent state of love and compassion. The possibility is real and Dr. Dar through her knowledge and wisdom can assist you in attaining a mindset that will enrich your life.


I’m Dr. Dar

I am so glad you’re here for support, guidance, and tools…

To help you get on the path to save your relationship.

My genius is in helping my clients save their relationship by understanding each other’s relationship language, creating emotional connection, and learning how to communicate responsibly and honorably.  These tools have helped couples recover from the worst situations… ones that you may think you cannot move past… like the affair, the lies, being manipulated or controlled, no emotional support or even help around the house even though you work too.   

I created this save your relationship toolkit and put the best of my tools that I use to help couples save their relationships together in one bundle to help you get on the path to saving your relationship today.

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