The Stress Free Dating System

The Simpler Way to Meet Your Ideal Life Partner

The Stress Free Dating System

Is for you if you answer no to any of these questions:

  • Am I ready for a relationship?
  • Do I have a clear vision of my ideal relationship?
  • Do I know which of my relationship requirements are non-negotiable?
  • Am I aware of all the blocks that are preventing me from attracting my ideal partner?
  • Do I acknowledge my feelings of self-esteem, self-respect, attractiveness and confidence?
  • Do I have great conversation and flirting skills?
  • Am I the chooser when dating or do I find myself feeling rejected?
  • Do I know the dating pitfalls that can prevent me from having my ideal relationship?
  • Do I know that being my authentic self will guarantee I attract and meet the love of my life?
  • Do I know how to select a partner who is genuinely aligned and compatible with me?
  • Am I conscious of the foundations that underlie healthy, committed, relationships?
  • Do I have an active Relationship Plan that summarizes my relationship goals and requirements?
  • Have I developed an Attraction Plan that results in actual meetings with prospective ideal life partners?
  • Are I clear about the relationship model that works for me?

Me too.

I thought I knew what love was…  thought I knew my purpose for dating and how to date.  I thought I was right to do dating the way everybody else did. And so… I had relationships that ended up in heartache, pain and grief… 

Looking back, today, I now know I knew nothing…

Until I chose another way… a kinder, safer, loving way…

A way that is can be designed by you with guidance and inspiration from me.

This way is The Stress Free Dating System

This is the same system that brought me into the arms of my husband 19 years ago. 

Create. Expect. Anticipate. Have.

What Is The Stress Free Dating System?

This system is a structured set of activities that result in your designing your ideal life with your ideal life partner in advance.  You will plan ahead, before you bring your ideal partner into your life, with clarity and alignment.  By having clarity and alignment, your natural magnetic attraction will go to work for you and bring more of your ‘planned and clear’ desires and dreams into your life. 

Unfortunately, most singles (including myself), don’t have their plan mapped out in writing and instead allow their love life to happen by accident… only to find out it did not work out.

I invite you to choose this way instead… the was honors who you are, your heart, and brings you joy and love… and the way that lands you in the arms of the love of your ideal life partner once you map out your desired plan with clarity and alignment.

What You Receive

Hello Dear One,

I am Dr. Dar and I am compassionately committed to you being the best you can be, having a life you love that loves you back, and being fulfilled in your work and relationships. This Stress Free Dating System was born from my own journey and desire for my ideal life partner… I have traveled the dating maze, failed relationships, heartache, and struggle… until I completed this system almost two decades ago.

Within six weeks of completing this system, I met the love of my life.  I know this works… when you put your mind, heart, soul, and quality time into it.

With my gentle, kind, safe space holding, inviting, encouraging and transforming guidance, you will experience many shifts and magic in this system.  

A Special Invitation Just for You

If you are tired of the same old, same old and want a different result…

Get on Your Path to Having True Love Today in the

Stress Free Dating System

This course is:

  • What you do before going out and dating again
  • For women in any stage of life as a single person
  • For open minded, non-judgmental, and supportive women
  • Focused on skills that apply to any type of relationship
  • A way to get your head aligned with your heart and soul so that you become a magnet for your ideal partner.

This is the planning, preparation, and purpose part of being ready to meet your life partner which most people skip.  

Two Choices For You

Group Activation

Join a private, safe, loving, and supportive group to receive the activities along with my energy, support, and guidance over an 8 week immersive experience. Guidance from me throughout the experience is provided as you engage, experience, and participate.  Receive my healing and transformational energy through my voice, writing, engaging and connecting with you. 

Let’s design your dream relationship with your ideal partner… and attract them into your life.  

Ask me about discounts for inviting your friends to join you. 

Get started today!

VIP Experience

You receive full energy and focus on designing your ideal relationship over a 3 month period during our 1:1 voice to voice connection by phone or video conference. You have access to the private, safe, loving, and supportive group to receive all the activities along with my energy, support, and guidance for additional support between our 1:1 sessions.  Receive my healing and transformational energy through my voice, writing, engaging and connecting with you. Receive clarity about what you truly desire, let go of past experiences and pain, design your future with your ideal life partner, and then with your resulting clarity and alignment, attract your ideal life partner.

Get started today.

“You own the most powerful and magical magnet in the world;
it is your love.”
Debasish Mridha

Still Uncertain?

Read this letter I received from my future self… fairy godmother about dating and love
receive a feel of my style, how I show up, and my approach.

Still need more information?

Learn more about The Stress Free Dating System as Your Empowered Path to Your Ideal Partner.

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