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Dr. Dar

The Tears

There’s been a lot of crying this past week into the close of the weekend. Partly due to reverence to those who have served our country.
And prior to the weekend… largely from a video share and prompt from Steph Lagana (Thank you!!!)… She was talking about Original Medicine that day. The clue to my original medicine were the lessons that repeatedly show up in my life. I started looking at the themes of people being jealous of me, the discrimination, the judgment, the attacks… which all resulted in me shutting myself, my true nature and gifts down…down…down…
The archetypal themes I shut out = Magician and Sage. Steph also said (my words here) the Original Medicine could be things or ways of being that we were harmed, ostracized, punished, tortured, and even killed for… that hit a cord… not instantly… but show up it did!
The tears came… and washed over me… cleansing those ancient wounds, these dark shadows that presented themselves in form or thought throughout my life… and with them came the acknowledgment that… anything external to my being is not owned by me.  I pressed the return to sender button for every thing that showed up that was projected on me from birth forward in this incarnation… and for anything that feels more ancient.


I came to the realization my experiences of the shadow nature were all external to myself… that me not owning my truth, energy, and gifts… that are unexplainable in the tangible… is harming me… and that I no longer am in the world of people that maliciously harm me for having these abilities.
I believe in the magical and majestic process of Ask… Believe… Receive. I love naps… I love dogs and all things nature in our world, the universe, and in people who I am fortunate to connect with…
I realized and now own… I am a rapid learner, quick reader, technically savvy, can take in voluminous amounts of information… synthesize it… simplify it…and store it to share later in service to others when needed or asked for… I know things…
You see…
I just have a deep knowing… and after the tears subsided… and a long nap… this happened…



I have been morphing (as a conscious creator) over the years in my business and unlearning who I was programmed to be … to be who I truly am… and late last year a theme arrived in my consciousness – Nurture Your Nature… and I have launched my technology advisory and support business… and relaunched my soul-full coaching business.

I arrived at reverence and gratitude for being here now… and to Steph Lagana for respectfully and gently igniting this activation of what was already in me… to take form in full display and glory… with Grace…
I also acknowledge that <my process> for almost 2 decades in this profession called coaching… is Conscious Creation… I have not been able to name it until today. It was unreachable… I could not access it… and Voila today… here it is! Blissy I am as I share this!!!
My gratitude to my dear sister-friend Brenda Newberry for our conversations over the last few weeks as a contribution to this knowing… as well.
Gratitude to Deborah A. Lindholm and Joanne Jaworski for the EFT sessions last month… for the releases that opened more on my journey…

Beautiful Outcomes.

I am elated to land comfortably and solidly in the space of what I do… for whom… and the sustainable transformation that results from working together… in my technology biz and in my coaching business.  I own that I am a Spiritual Teacher, Savvy Business Strategist, Technology Nerd, and Success Partner!
Please contact me if Conscious Creation and Nurture Your Nature resonates with you (for yourself, finding your loving and committed partner, your relationships, your marriage, your business, the technology in your business… or something else!)
Let’s Be Conscious Creators,
With Hugs, Love, and Magic
Dr. Dar

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