Welcome to Episode #6 of The RelationShifts Show, Where Life and Love Intersect.

I am Dr. Dar, host of The RelationShifts Show, Creator of the Nurture Your Nature™ Quiz and Chief Magic Maker in Life, Love, and Relationships.

Miguel-GomezPlease join me in welcoming Miguel Gomez on The RelationShifts Show.

For the last 9 years, Miguel has helped millionaires and up and comers manage their money and their emotions around money so that they use their resources in line with their values and what’s most important to them.  He has been quoted by CBS, Yahoo!Finance, Investors’ Business Daily, Kiplinger and more. He also is a speaker and loves to talk about money and emotions. His podcast, Dinero en Español, has been in the Top 10 of Investing Podcasts in Mexico and various countries in Latin America for over a year.

In today’s show we talk about:  Money, Values and Love

I love talking about money and Miguel’s calm, intentional, and caring energy is a wonderful thing to experience.

  1. At what point should I talk about money with my significant other? (The sooner, the better, but not too soon!)
  2. Should couples keep joint or separate accounts for everyday income/spending? (It depends!)
  3. What is Soulful Money? Can money and soul relate in anyway? (Absolutely!)

Miguel has this offer for you:  Free Money Strategy Session

Your Offer:  Free Money Strategy Session.  Contact Miguel via his website https://miguel-gomez.net

This offer is for:  Anyone who wants to have a loving relationship to and with money

My Truth:  I revisited my relationship to and with money… it is a really good thing to do this quarterly at the very least. Today, after having connected with Miguel,  I have restored joy to all areas of my life related to money… including payouts for bills and taxes. Being involved in weekly happy money chats with my husband, and caring about our money as well as nurturing it has created an enormous sense of freedom and joy.

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