The thing about relationships is they provide ample opportunity and instant fe…



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The thing about relationships 👫 is they provide ample opportunity and instant feedback to learn, adapt, grow, be agile, and to learn about what love is and is not. You will know 💁 if something you said or did, or they said or did landed the wrong way… because you receive feedback in the form of a facial expression, silence, or some other negative ➖ reaction. But… when that happens, you, like me, will look at yourself first… ‘what happened, what did I do wrong, what could I have done differently’… you’re feeling me right?! As a self-improvement junkie, I too would analyze, toss it around, try to see it from different perspectives, and … work myself into being healed.


One of the things that makes me fantastic 😃 at what I do to help couples fix their relationship is that I too have had failed relationships. Yep… the truth is, I’ve had many failed relationships – personal, professional, and romantic. I’ve learned the hard way… about what to do and what not to do to have a loving, reciprocal and lasting relationship. And, what to say and not to say…. how to hear and how not to assume or interpret what is being said or how it is being said. So…. I have incredible empathy, understanding, compassion and openness… I have 0 judgment about your situation, what got you there, how you think or feel about your spouse right now, how you’re feeling, what’s happening in your relationship, or what’s not happening…. or anything else for that matter… I have either experienced something similar or have helped a couple with something similar too.

Either way, I’m here for you!
Relationships are an art 🎨 form that you too can master. Let me help.
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What’s a relationship fact about your past that gave you valuable feedback about your needs in a relationship?


Strengthen Your Relationships

You are a compassionate, generous partner who wants better communication with your loved one so you can have a conflict-free relationship where your partner shows they care in a way that leaves you feeling loved, heard and emotionally supported.  Understanding your and your partner's relationship language will help you receive the love, understanding, and connection you desire in all your relationships.


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