Understanding the Fury of an Angry Woman



Dr. Dar Hawks

When a woman gets angry…

The Fury of An Angry Woman

It is not an …all of a sudden thing… and

Being an Angry Woman People Pleaser, Giver, and Conscious Service Provider is Completely Normal

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It started a long time ago with one tiny moment in time…

When she was dishonored, disrespected, belittled, criticized, traumatized, unheard, dismissed, or even abused…

That moment seeded in her emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

Then… angry woman

The next time she was dishonored, the seed got a smidge larger.

And the next time… and the time after that… angry woman

And again… and again.

Until one day… angry woman

Something else happens.

And the emotional wave explodes. angry woman

Anger spews from her mouth and body… outwards…

Like a volcano erupting with hot flames and ash. angry woman

And… asking her what’s wrong, or what you did, or why she is angry…

Brings taller flames and the ash spews harder, louder, faster, and farther.

Her blood starts as a warm cozy bubble from her feet.

Slowly those bubbles work their way up into her belly, simmering until it gets to a slow boil.

Suddenly, that boil spills over.  And an explosion ensues.  The explosion is directed at whoever is present.

It’s not personal, it is hot energy that has to be released… like that volcano, heating up till it explodes.

We try to arrive at an understanding of the fury of an angry woman.

We think it was that latest dishonoring event or relationship that the anger is about. 

But, it is not.

It is simpler than that.

It is about being dishonored and disrespected.

It is about not being and taking a stand for our values.

It is about not honoring our requirements.

It is about tolerating unacceptable behaviors. angry woman

It is about taking in ‘constructive criticism’ that is not constructive at all.

It is about sweeping things under the rug… because we don’t want to face it.

Or… we are fearful of the unknown, the uncertainty of taking a solid stand.

Until the day… angry woman

She has had enough.

That day. angry woman

She is done.

She walks away, head held high. angry woman

And… this is the best thing you can do when faced with the fury of an angry woman

  1. Honor her
  2. Respect her
  3. Understand her
  4. Give her time and space
  5. Leave her be, after letting her know you care and are giving her space
  6. And if she is done, walk away after letting her know she can call you once she processes what’s going on.

And, if you are a woman with fury and anger, I invite you to: angry woman

  1. Take time for yourself, in silence.
  2. Connect with the time when your volcano got seeded.
  3. Understand what happened at that time, logically and factually.
  4. Look at any blame you are placing on anyone, including yourself.
  5. Review it more holistically – in everyone’s perspective, including your own.  What it was like for them… what it was like for you.
  6. Take a stand for what you require now going forward in your relationships and environments.
  7. Reconnect with your feel-good vibe.
  8. Thank the experience in that initial moment for the learning and release it.  It no longer serves your highest good.

Please know. angry woman

You are not a bad girl for being angry.  You have every right to have your emotions. 

Being angry as a woman, people pleaser, giver, or service provider is normal.  Being emotional, sensitive, and having anger is normal. angry woman

Your anger is a gift, the first time you sense in the slow simmer of your blood.

Heed it. Be with it. Listen for the wisdom it is bringing to your awareness. angry woman

You no longer have to ignore it, shove it down into the core of your being, or not honor it. 

You are invited to be kind and take a time out for yourself when anger shows up.  

Hear it. Allow it to unfold.  In your body.

Trying to process emotion with the mind does not create harmonious results unless you allow the wisdom of your body to shine through and provide guidance to your mind. angry woman

Then allow yourself the gift of inner and outer peace by honoring and respecting yourself and your anger.

From my heart to yours,
Dr. Dar

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