Unicorn People are Your Best Dream Champions



Dr. Dar

The new Netflix show, The Unicorn, inspired me to think of all the people I had the blessing to have met who loved Unicorns.

Unicorn People are Your Best Dream Champions!

Unicorn people are the amazing people in this world who are here to make the world a better place. They believe in spreading positivity and sharing their gifts with the world.

I believe there are 4 core tenants to being a unicorn

Unicorns are positive and do their best to help others be positive too

Unicorns are not afraid to step up and be seen.

Unicorns are fearless in the face of adversity

Unicorns bring a smile to the faces of those downtrodden.

Source: thisunicornlife.com

Unicorn people are about dreams coming true, possibilities, potential, bubbles, and joy.  They see the good in all, they are playful and fun… and they understand the diversity of being unique.  They will believe in your dreams, and dream with you.

If you know someone who loves Unicorns, welcome them into your life.  Dream with them.  If you have forgotten how, observe them, and play with them.

We need more dream believers in this world… there certainly are more than enough dream killers.

We could all use positivity, possibility, and miracles in our lives… with someone who sees the good in us and believes in our dreams coming true.

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