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The Process of Unlearning so that You Can Be Free from Doubt

If you are like me, you have had a lifetime of learning.  Learning from outside of yourself – from people, systems (i.e. schools, communities, internet, medical, etc)…  I wonder at what point I chose to learn on my own by being curious about options, aligning what felt good or correct for me, and having a questioning mind.

When I find myself doubting myself, what I have learned, or what I am getting from outside influences, anxiety can set in pretty quickly.

Unlearn Tuesday - Free From DoubtYou see, my mind takes all the information in and does not know what to do with it… so the doubt and anxiety show up to say…

“DUDETTE!  You have not told me what to do with all this SH!T.  I am confused.  What do you want me to do?”

That is my:

Relationship Clue:  to remember my brain is not a solo part of me or my body.  My brain is a collaborative and reciprocal part of every part of my body.

Relationship Clue:  my brain is amazing and brilliant… will I allow myself to partner with it for greatness, joy, love, and harmony?

Relationship Clue:  when doubt shows up, remember to be welcoming and ask ‘what do you need so that you can be free?’   For me, it is usually taking in information through reading, from people, or research without any intention of what I am going to do with that information.  When I am clear about the purpose, then the gift of doubt is free, and I am free.

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Thank you for reading, hearing, and the gift of your time!


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