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Vibes, Emotions and Traffic Lights!

Magic Book (Vibes, Emotions, Traffic Lights)

Tuning in to environments is different from tuning in to a person.

I don’t tune in without permission from the person. 

When you ask me to guide you whether it is in connecting with your future life partner, finding peace in your marriage when things are not going well, being stress free at work, or even having me design your first website and coach you on business stuff… that is an invitation. I also only share what is helpful and honoring of you. If it is not helpful, then it most likely is not coming from a higher plane of awareness or consciousness. And chances are that if it is not helpful, you’re already aware of it, so I don’t need to put your nose in it to smell it some more. I do ask if you’re ready to be done with it and collaborate using my transformational energy to create shifts quickly and with ease for you and with you. Vibes-Water-Music-Phuc-H-559532-Unsplash

Asking before tuning in is critical to self-love, self-health, self well-being… and the well being of others. Asking before tuning in allows us to not bring in other energies that influence our thinking, intuition, messages from Spirit, and more.

Vibes are a wonderful way to connect with energy of people, places, and things. Vibes are embodying… and they either feel good or they don’t. 

Vibes are not to be confused with emotional waves…

Emotional waves are those bouts of feelings and emotions that are uncontrollable for us. During emotional waves… we may not be breathing in and out, we feel resigned and hopeless, we give up on a dream or desire, we want to curl up and cry, and we just want to stay in our safe place (mine is my bed) and not come out for a while. Emotional waves feel like an eternity… but really they last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours… the intensity of them lasts only seconds to a few minutes… Allow yourself to have your emotional waves, just allow the waves to pass through… Father Time is on your side… and these waves, when you allow them to pass through you… leave behind amazing, brilliant, and creative messages for you. The key is to not do anything other than be still, not make any decisions, not to make any choices… until the wave passes… and you feel centered and grounded again.

Vibes are vibrations…

That you feel in a moment that give you information about places, people, and things… they are not a lightning rod for decision making. I liken them to a traffic light – to guide me as I navigate and experience the moment and subsequent moment when the vibes show up. Red… Yellow… Green.Traffic-Light-Kenan-Suleymanoglu-771248-Unsplash

Red to me is a message to abort gracefully or to go into complete silent mode as I observe the world and people around me.  It means to disengage and be the observer.

Yellow is a message to proceed slowly, intently, and with caution.  It does not mean abort to me.  It is just a caution to be aware, conscious, and mindful of my surroundings, the people, and the things around me.  It is a message to listen with all my senses, to pay attention, and also to observe.  I can engage but not fully immerse myself in it.

Green is a message to enjoy the experience. 

I invite you to…

Experiment and experience the magic of vibes as your internal traffic light and ride through your emotional waves today and onward. 

There’s magic awaiting you in both tools innate in your brilliant being!


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