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Dr. Dar

I saw this picture on the book... and

It resonated with me as I am introducing walking, literally and metaphysically, more into my life.

Walk Your Walk, Let People Talk - Dr. Dar Hawks - Feel Good Alchemist

I saw this picture on the book... and

It resonated with me as I am introducing walking, literally and metaphysically, more into my life.

Walking My Walk

…is about being real, authentic, and no longer wearing masks (in a pre and post COVID era) when I show up/present myself.  It is about honoring myself, my life, work, and relationships.  And most importantly, it is about feeling good about all of it.

Gone are the days of wondering if what I am wearing is acceptable, if my makeup makes me look beautiful, whether or not I will be accepted by my audience for that morning for my television guest spot gigs every Friday (past gig), judging myself according to someone else’s opinion or barometer for goodness, or any other self-judging/self-deprecating thought or feeling.

I made the mistake or choice

(to me it is a choice) to reflect on how much precious time I had invested in not feeling good. Oh my, I was heavily invested in not feel good energy over my years of living, or not living. Today, I see that was not living, it was surviving.

And don’t get me started on the amount of money, time, and energy I invested in seeking fixes to not feeling good, which all resulted in more not feeling good consequences.

All because they were not whole solutions and instead focused on symptoms instead of going deeper to Source.  The business models of today are problem-oriented followed by telling you that they are THE solution/fix.

I sense a few issues with this very masculine energetic model:

  1. it assumes something about you is broken
  2. it makes a promise that will work only to find out it does not work for you so you start seeking solutions again
  3. it does not honor your unique life, being, and lifestyle and instead is about norms that ‘apply to everyone’ because it ‘worked for me’ mindset
  4. it focuses on one aspect, not the whole
  5. it does not feel good and we sense it, but deny it and invest in it anyway
  • Integrity is about alignment with your thoughts, feels, walk, and talk.  It is about your inner core being in alignment with your outer self.
  • Honor is about loving yourself, honoring your nature and patterns, and having loving thoughts and feelings about yourself… that, my Dear Divine One, radiates out to others.
  • Respect – well, that happens as a natural extension of integrity and honor.  Our world is lacking respect for all people.  And, I cannot help but wonder if all of our negative thinking about ourselves, our lack of integrity and alignment, and dishonoring ourselves – extends outwards and contributes energetically to creating discord.

As I contemplate how I want to show up for you and how my business operates, I am clear that:

  1. I am all about feeling good and for You Feeling Good about yourself, your life, your work, life, and relationships.
  2. You and your life are too Divine for you to not feel good.
  3. Your time is incredibly precious so feeling good every day is important
  4. Transforming what does not feel good to feel good is SIMPLE. Our minds and programming make it difficult… and allowing yourself to receive it, to deserve it, and most of all to have it!
  5. I am about sustainability so honoring your nature is crucial as an input to what you choose for feeling good.
If there is anything you do not feel good about in yourself, your life, work, or relationships, then let’s get together by phone or zoom for a taste of feeling good session.
But, if you want to hang onto not feeling good indefinitely, then I know I am not your gal.
In the meantime, I invite you to walk your walk… and let people talk.  It is ALL GOOD… and so are you!!!

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