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Dr. Dar Hawks

Saving a marriage can entail a lot of work on communication and other personal skills. It may not seem worth it, as divorce can seem like the only way out. But if you need to think about more than just yourself and you will find that saving your marriage will become one of the most important discussions you and your spouse will ever have.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of the blocks that prevent us from being happy and feeling loved. We invite you to take a look save marriage from divorce and move toward creating more love in your life.

These ideas may help you to understand how to create a close, connected relationship that stays vibrant and alive throughout the years.

* Take a look at who and what you seek out when you are agitated or challenged in your life. This will give you some idea of how you choose to soothe yourself and get your needs met.

As you become conscious of what you do during those times, decide whether you want to continue doing them or if there is a shift that you’d like to make that would bring you closer to your partner.

* If you’d like to connect more with your partner at those times but you’ve held yourself back for one reason or another, you could begin by opening your heart and talking to him or her from that place about what’s happening with you. You could also simply ask for a hug at those times.

Chances are that if you’ve made a habit of seeking out other people or things during times of distress, your partner may have disappointed you in the past.

If that’s the case and you truly want a deeper connection with him or her, gather the courage and take the time to talk about how you would like to be supported–and then allow yourself to feel supported by them. In turn, you need to ask how you can support him or her.

*3. Make a commitment to each other and a plan about how you both will move toward one another instead of away from each other.

If you are between relationships and want to have a loving, sustainable, alive relationship,  hire a Relationship Coach to guide you to achieve a solution to all the issues in your marriage.

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