There are many ways to ground yourself. One is to walk barefoot on nature’s grounds.; Another is to feel your way through your emotions and the messages and gifts they give you.

I shut out my feelings for years because as a hippy woman, I was expected and supposed to not be emotional, sensitive, or cry when upset or in joy.

All the years from suppressing my feelings took its toll on my body. My body said enough stress, I am taking a time out.

Consequently, I had to re-evaluate my lifestyle.
I had to define the ideal lifestyle for myself, my whole well being, and for my family.
I chose to stop being part of the herd and start honoring being a hippy woman.
I chose peace, love, kindness, joy, and freedom.

Peace of mind.
Peace of heart.
Love for life, my body, my family, my work, and my home.
Joy in all my doing and being.
Kindness when connecting with others.
Freedom to be me, a hippy woman.

If you are coming out of a bad situation, want to leave one, or just are stuck in a rut – AND you want to love your life, love yourself, love your work/coworkers/boss, and love your relationships, then I invite you to join me in an experiment to design your life, your way.

Message me and let’s see if this is a fit for you.