Why am I still single?



Dr. Dar

If your friends are telling you that you are too picky, or that you are too cynical, or angry, or that something is wrong with you,I call B.S. on all that.

Chances are that you have been hurt along the way, had some not so great experiences or have had friends and family who have had bad experiences.

You have some valid basis for how you feel.

Here is what I say as to the reasons contributing to why you are still single:

  1. You are at some level choosing to be single.  Accept this, please.  It is okay for you to powerfully choose to be Single.  It starts with you acknowledging that you are Single because you are choosing to be.
  2. You really are unsure about what you want or you feel that it is impossible for you to get what you want.
  3. You continue to make poor choices in men (I call this a need to fix your picker) or you continue to attract Mr. Wrong.
  4. You have not worked with a Master Licensed Relationship Coach and Expert to identify your needs, wants, and requirements as well as getting educated on Successful Dating and Successful relationships.  You went to school to get educated, why not do the same for your lifetime relationship?
  5. You listen to friends and family instead of your own heart and soul.
  6. You are not dating for the right reasons or you simply are not dating at all.
  7. You secretly want to meet your life partner, but have tons of reasons, I mean excuses, as to why you have not.
  8. You want your life partner to magically appear without any action or effort on your part.
  9. You have attracted the same patterns in relationships, the same endings, the same hurts, the same crap and are tired of it.
  10. You are overly critical when screening potential partners, to the point they never have a chance at the first meeting.
  11. You are comparing potential partners to someone else, who by the way is not in your life now anyway so what the heck, they were not into you either.

If any of these fit your situation, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.  Let me say it again.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

All that needs to happen is for you to get educated on successful dating, successful relationships, and get very clear about what you want, need, and require.  Then you will attract it.  By the way, don’t learn this from your friends or family.  Hire an expert who is more committed to you experiencing relationship success than you or your family are because that is what they do for a living. And Have Fun!

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