Astrology for Stellar Relationships Toolkit

There’s Someone in Your Life Whose Behavior
Has Kept You Up at Night

We’re not just talking about your home or family life.

(You know what I’m talking about, right?!)

Think of all the struggles you’ve had at work with coworkers, your team, or even your manager.

And… don’t forget that person who you thought was your friend.

It May Feel Like You’re…


Out of Control


The Problem Child


Always Having to Say "I'm Sorry"

What If Instead, You Felt…

Calm and In Control

Supported and Appreciated

Strong and Empowered


Astrology for Stellar Relationships Toolkit

Astrology For Stellar Relationships Toolkit

Here’s What You Get . . .


What's Your Relationship Style Self-Assessment

Learn your predominant relationship style, acknowledge your strengths, and what value you bring to the table in your romantic and non-romantic relationships. astrology for stellar relationships toolkit

Bonus:  You will receive a cheat sheet with all of the 5 different relationship styles and behaviors so that you can adapt your style to create stellar relationships.


Mini Lesson: Having the Right Mindset Before You Take the Relationship Style Self-Assessment

This assessment is not like any other one you have taken. You’ll get my step by step guidance on how to take this self-assessment and the mindset you need to get to the heart of how you can have stellar relationships while honoring your predominant relationship style.


Zodiac Signs Decision Making Guide

Learn how each of the zodiac signs make decisions so that you know what happens when you are faced with doubt or having a hard time making a decision. You will have a strategy of how to pull through towards making the best decision for yourself.


The 4 Moon Phase Emotions Guide

This handy short reference sheet will help you know in advance when you could experience a more emotional state and what to do to prepare and nurture yourself so that you receive the emotional support you crave.


The Moon, Sun, and Mercury Relationship Equation

You are so much more than just your sun sign. You will receive a guide explaining why the sun, moon, and mercury have everything to do with having stellar relationships, meaningful communication, and emotional connection.


Mercury Retrograde Communication 2022 Planner

You’ll stop dreading mercury retrogrades (you know those times when everything goes crazy and you cannot figure out why?).  You won’t be caught by surprise in 2022 because you will be prepared months in advance! 

You’ll receive a communication planner and instruction sheet on how to plan your activities so that when retrograde starts, you’ll be ready to ease joyfully through with zero stress. 


Private Community

You’ll be invited to join my private community for paying customers where you receive support, collaboration, inspiration, energy tune ups, and tools to be at your best every day. (Community will either be a private Facebook group or my Telegram channel).astrology for stellar relationships toolkit

All for just $29.99!

* Limited time pre-sell offer
All items will be ready and delivered to you by 12/31/2021


Wisdom, Energy, Guidance

I can’t say enough about Dr. Dar. I really found myself after participating in one of her programs during a difficult time in my life. Dr. Dar was patient and reassuring even before I signed up for the program! Her wisdom, energy, and guidance are wonderful and transformative. I’ve had so much self-discovery through the questions and exercises she created. The way everything came together toward the end had exponential results! I am now solid in my relationship with myself, and my understanding of what I want as I move forward in various areas of my life! I feel like a whole new person!


You thought this was good!!!

Check out these fabulous bonuses below

Fast Action Bonuses - Astrology For Stellar Relationships

Here’s What You Get in the Add On Bonuses
If You Take Action Today!


1 Zoom Q&A/Group Coaching Call

Get your questions answered, receive guidance, and be supported to get the most benefit from your toolkit.astrology for stellar relationships toolkit


I AM Zodiac Sign Confidence Building Mantras

Receive 12 I AM statements connected with the Zodiac signs and planets to help you choose your confidence building mantra before you start your day.astrology for stellar relationships toolkit


The 12 Needs Triggered By the Zodiac Signs

You will receive a cheat sheet describing the 12 needs each zodiac sign brings you.  You will be able to determine which of the 12 needs you need most each day, and be prepared to fulfill that need before you start your day.astrology for stellar relationships toolkit

Add on for just $29.99

* limited time offer
All items will be ready and delivered to you by 12/31/2021


Gentle Heart

Dr. Dar has encyclopedic knowledge and a gentle heart to help guide you, whether you’re in crisis or if you’re ready to elevate your life experience beyond the “daily grind.” She has great intuition, but she will draw from various practices/artforms to customize care to a client’s specific needs. I received a session to interpret my Body Energy Map, and it was really spot-on and enlightening.


Love Mindset

Dr. Dar’s “Love Mindset” is very powerful. Imagine living in a consistent state of love and compassion. The possibility is real and Dr. Dar through her knowledge and wisdom can assist you in attaining a mindset that will enrich your life.


I’m Dr. Dar

I am so glad you’re here for support, guidance, and tools…

That will help you leverage the wisdom of astrology, relationship and communication techniques to create stellar relationships.

Even though my genius is in helping my clients create stellar relationships, emotional connection and communication with their coworkers, boss, spouse, boy/girlfriend, or family members…

I too have relationships that keep me up at night.

I created this relationships toolkit to help me… and you create stellar relationships and a happier life.

Dr. Dar - Grounding In The Grass

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