Women have created a world of judgment, comparison, envy, snarkiness, bullying, and disempowerment… and it is time for us to create change and shift to a loving place, space, and being.  Women’s empowerment is about self-love, acceptance, joy and ease. It is no longer solely about power, achievement and success.

Women’s Empowerment is:

  • Making your own choices
  • Disallowing being told what to do
  • Going to bed without makeup – au naturelle
  • Supporting, championing and loving other women
  • Calling on women who judge, compare and are catty to STOP
  • Having balance between the masculine and feminine in ourselves
  • Loving and listening to others
  • Not having to prove anything to anyone
  • Feeling perfect, whole, and complete
  • Being in a state of joy and ease
  • Having values other than money, achievement, or success
  • Uplifting and inspiring others to be their best
  • Being champions for the ignored, unserved, unheard, and unseen
  • Being a stand for humanity and our planet

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