Hi, I’m Dr. Dar Relationship Whisperer, Communication Wizard, and Stress Elimination Master. My purpose is to co-create stress free living and loving in your life resulting in a happy, harmonious, and healthy world. I can and will help you: Learn how to find people to date who are aligned with what you want for yourself and your life in The Stress Free Dating System. Align what you attract in your life with your desired outcomes in The Stress Free Attraction System. Have happy, reciprocal marriages by learning how to love unconditionally, communicate with love and acceptance, and leveraging your differences that previously created conflict and stress in The Stress Free Marriage Experience. Create lives and work you love by leveraging your superpower and reducing your kryptonite through the power of your choice and free will in the Loving Your Design program. My Stress Busting Superpower is to love and belong with a touch of freedom… and my kryptonite is survival. Learn what your Superpower is and how to use it. Take the Quiz. And Join my Facebook Group – Stress Free Living and Loving https://www.facebook.com/groups/stressfreeliving/

Women have created a world of judgment, comparison, envy, snarkiness, bullying, and disempowerment… and it is time for us to create change and shift to a loving place, space, and being.  Women’s empowerment is about self-love, acceptance, joy and ease. It is no longer solely about power, achievement and success.

Women’s Empowerment is:

  • Making your own choices
  • Disallowing being told what to do
  • Going to bed without makeup – au naturelle
  • Supporting, championing and loving other women
  • Calling on women who judge, compare and are catty to STOP
  • Having balance between the masculine and feminine in ourselves
  • Loving and listening to others
  • Not having to prove anything to anyone
  • Feeling perfect, whole, and complete
  • Being in a state of joy and ease
  • Having values other than money, achievement, or success
  • Uplifting and inspiring others to be their best
  • Being champions for the ignored, unserved, unheard, and unseen
  • Being a stand for humanity and our planet

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What is Your Empowering Superpower?