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Word of the Year and Money Attraction Workshop

A never done before workshop to connect with your Inner Feel Good-ess energy, align with the benevolence of the Universe, select your word of the year, and connect with money activation energy in 2021

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Workshop Information

December 31, 2020

10:00 am to Noon Eastern


Zoom info and supply list will be emailed to you before the event 

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Choosing a word for the new year is nothing new.  Do a google search and you will find millions of entries on the topic of choosing your word of the year.  Even wikipedia has a word of the year page with a variety of organizations who list their words.

But… the popular method for choosing your word is sooooo left-brained and calculated.  What if there was another way? A joyful, honoring, loving, engaging, enlightening, and aligned energy way?  A way that connects your mind with your body and energetically aligns you with your word for the year. Wouldn’t that feel good?

Flower Of Life - Dr. Dar Hawks - Dt

Here’s what we’ll be doing together in this workshop:

  1. First and foremost, joyful alignment in your body, mind, and soul beginning with a sacred space centering meditation.
  2. Walk through the Feel Goodess Quest
  3. Share my simple process to understand alignment (or misalignment) within you using my Human Operating System
  4. Review the 5 Elemental Influences and why they matter
  5. Show you the 12 Life Departments so you can understand the depth of our word and money impact
  6. Doodle the Nine Body Energy Centers and walk through the each energy center so that our bodies can give us the soul aligned word, and activate money love
  7.  Sacred Invitations
  8. Completion
Word Of The Year - Cover -Dr. Dar Hawks

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Word of the Year and Money Attraction Workshop


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