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“You own the most powerful and magical magnet in the world; it is your love.” ~ Debasish Mridha

I thought I knew what love is… and what being loved is…  Looking back, I was closed to love with all my conscious and unconscious beliefs, lists, prior relationships (family, friends, and others) and preconceived ideas about whom to date or be attracted to.  I took the paths that created the maximum opportunity for learning about love, relationships, honoring self, loving self, and ultimately being the creator and chooser of all things feel good… and not feel good in my life.

You are all things. Denying, rejecting, judging or hiding from any aspect of your total being creates pain and results in a lack of wholeness. ~ Joy Page

Welcome to one of the best investments you will ever make for you, your heart, and your love life—in fact, for all your relationships!

Dr. Dar, Ph.D
Certified Singles Coach, Certified Couples Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Spirit in Business Coach
Be. Happy. Healthy. Whole.

Work With Me

If you could have made your dreams come true on your own, you’d be soaring on cloud nine by now.

That was my two-by-four on my forehead moment in my 20’s. At the time I was in-between relationships and was what I call a relationship rebounder.  I was soaring in my career… it felt like anything I was given, I would achieve with stellar reviews.  But… my personal life sucked.  I was lonely and desperately wanted to be loved and have a committed relationship that lasted.  I was tired of the heartache and the groundhog days of starting new relationships over… and over again.  I felt like a complete failure around family because to them success was defined by being married and having money.

Then… I learned about a new thing called professional coaching.  I enrolled in a coach training program and did not look back.  I applied what I learned in my own life… created a program for singles that worked for me to attract my magnificent relationship… and hired coaches to help me with my business and my life.  I was able to look within without making myself feel shame or guilt, address my family based patterns, thoughts, and beliefs… and stand up for myself in relationships.  I was not ready to find my life partner at that time, but it was enough for me to want to become a coach… and so I did.

If you have tried to find love on your own or make a relationship work that’s not working without amazing results, I invite you to hire a coach… now.

For those who want to get started, click here to schedule a call and let’s talk. If you prefer to take a look at the options and read through things before we talk, keep reading 😉

Who I Work With

My Magic Abilities are to Activate Love Consciousness Energy so that:

  1. Smart, sensitive, single, women attract their dream partner, relationship, and life.  With my Magical Path to Love program, smart, sensitive, and successful women Stop Dating, Create their Own Path to Love, Create Ample Love-Rich Space in their Life for their Life Partner, and Find their ideal partnerLearn more.
  2. Newlywed couples navigate being individuals and being a couple so that they sustain being happy, healthy, and whole.  We bring a lot of ourselves to a relationship but we also bring our past experiences.  We get triggered in our closest relationships, and at times without resolution.  With my Couples Appraisal program you will align your relationship and life vision to have a deeper connection and have a framework to grow stronger together.  Learn more.

My ideal clients are working women and men who are successful in their careers but just aren’t where they want to be in their personal lives…  They are:

  • squirrel-success-loveA bit nutty about life, love, humanity, our planet and what success looks like for them
  • Ready and willing to shed who they were (in a way that feels good) to become who they authentically are
  • Open to make the shift from mind based living to heart-based living
  • Open to Identifying, Embracing, and Loving what makes them unique
  • Not giving in to those who don’t align with who they are (no more doormat)
  • Open to unconventional strategies for creating the life and relationships they love and that love them back
  • Motivated and ready to discover their authentic selves and unique gifts in a safe place, then practice in their world until it becomes comfy
  • Ready to shift their mindset to have more of what they want in their lives, and shedding what they do not want
  • Willing to invest the time, energy, and resources into themselves, knowing that doing so will bring refueled energy, healing, self-love, fulfilling reciprocal relationships, and a life they love.

One of my clients called me their “Relationship Wizard.”  This couple were soon to be newlyweds.  She had never been married and he had been married before and was bringing 3 young boys with him.   Both were close to middle aged. As you can imagine, this blended family to be had some things to work through before combining households.  They always commented on how I always had just the right thing in my ‘bag of tricks’ to help them resolve concerns, disagreements, and create the life and family of their dreams.

Here are some of the words my clients use to describe what it is like to work with me:


Working with me includes the magical combination of conventional and unconventional self-awareness tools and techniques. Sometimes you just need a sounding board and champion, at other times you need tough love and accountability, and at other times you need the right questions to help you shift.  There are also times when you need another resource… one that has the skill set to address whatever it is you need.  If the resource you need is something I don’t have, I guarantee there is someone in my network I can connect you with.

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